Monday, April 02, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Faithless in Holy Week

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Faithless in Holy Week: Clarice Feldman
Bob Goodlatte talks 'deep state': 'This is about a small number of people': Steven Nelson
The killer's widow: Orlando and the lessons we refuse to learn: Tiberiu Dianu

In Defense of ‘Gunsplaining’: David French
Yes, They Are Coming for Your Guns: Bruce Bialosky
While Parkland students march, U.S. enjoys less overall gun violence: Ken Cuccinelli

Obnoxious Liberal Overreach on Guns Helps Our Chances in November: Kurt Schlichter
Trump Declares 'No More DACA', Border-Crossers Want 'In On' Amnesty: John Binder
Organizers of Migrant Caravan Headed to US Feeling the Backlash: Kristinn Taylor


Five charts that show just how strong the jobs market is: Joseph Lawler
H-1B visa lottery, despite changes, still leaves careers up to chance: Trisha Thadani

Scandal Central

Democrats Waived Background Checks for Pakistani IT Aides Working for Intel Committee: Luke Rosiak
So why was Trump aide talking to a Russian spy?: Byron York
Largest Connecticut Paper Dem Rep Must Resign for Covering up Abuse Allegations: Carmeron Cawthorne


Stop Using The Holocaust To Push Gun Control: Bethany Mandel
Bolton Flip-Floppers and the Death of Ideas: Jonathan S. Tobin
Time to tell Hillary goodbye: Jeff Sayre

The Fake Gun Control Debate: Scott Adams
Mark Levin Rips Obama Over 'Unmasking' of Trump Officials: FNI
Cultivating the Roseanne vote: John Ruberry


Party Directive Reveals Increased Chinese Theft of U.S. Technology: Bill Gertz
1,200 Illegal Aliens From Honduras March Unimpeded Through Mexico Toward U.S. Border: CTH
How Not to Secure Israel: David Isaac

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Octopuses can ‘see’ with their skin: Susan Milius
Startup Spotlight: Facebook and Microsoft vets build coding education marketplace Educative: Taylor Soper
Where Are New York's Self-Driving Cars?: Basir Khan


Child Prodigy is a Self Made Millionaire: Chonday
A study of human behaviour on a mass scale: Universal Everything
Busted NXIVM Cult Leader Keith Raniere: JD

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