Sunday, May 06, 2018

I've held my peace on this "investigation", but enough is enough

By Daddy Warpig

I've held my peace on this investigation, for the most part. I don't need to, and haven't, defended the president.

But enough is enough.

It is apparent that there was no collusion with Russia, that two years of investigating has found no collusion with Russia, and that some people's obsession with Russia arises from them refusing to admit Trump won fair and square.

Get over it, Democrats. Stop being crybabies.

Mueller has bullied a man into pleading guilty for lying to the FBI, when Comey and FBI agents themselves didn't think he had lied to the FBI. Injustice.

Mueller has inflicted hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal bills on innocent citizens. Injustice.

He is presently prosecuting Manafort for crimes that allegedly occurred a decade prior to the 2016 election, crimes which have nothing to do with supposed Russian collusion. Injustice.

And then there's the perjury-bait questions to the president.

Under the guise of investigating Obstruction of Justice, Mueller demanded the the President answer dozens of questions which query, in detail, every single comment the President mad two years ago about obscure subjects.

This is nothing more than an attempt to induce perjury.

"Tell me everything you said about Captain America: Civil War in Jan of 2017."

"Tell me every negative comment about your boss you said in Spring of 2017."

"What complaints about your wife did you make in 2016 and 2017?"

These are the kind of questions Mueller is asking.

No person could answer these questions in detail. Suppose you tried, and are later found to have misremembered or misstated or made any kind of error, then you'd be guilty of lying to the FBI and would spend five years in jail.

It is obvious this is what Mueller intends.

Mueller intends for Trump to try and answer these questions, and intends to seize upon any mistakes and claim Trump is lying to the FBI.

There is no collusion, there is no underlying crime, but he will have successfully created a crime through malicious investigation.

It is time for this to stop. There is no crime, and there should be no further investigation of this non-crime.

This is an illegitimate prosecution of innocent people to satisfy Democrats' utter refusal to deal with reality.


Democrats in Congress, the judiciary, and the federal bureaucracy are rebelling against the will of the American people. They are attempting, and in many cases succeeding, in using illegal and unconscionable means to prevent Trump from exercising his lawful and legal authority.

From a federal judge ruling that the President can't rescind a presidential executive order—an obviously nonsensical decision intended to prevent Trump from exercising his authority—to open collusion between FBI and CIA officials and the hostile media, to Mueller.


Democrats have decided that, no matter what elections may say, no Republican will ever be allowed to govern again. Elect them President, and the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative bureaucracy will simply refuse to recognize their authority.

This is a very bad idea.

This kind of rebellion leads to a government losing legitimacy. After that, nothing good happens.

This illegitimate investigation has long since proved that there is not, and never was, any collusions. It's time for it to be over.

It's time for Democrats to act like adults.

You Democrats lost.

Get over it.

Hat tip: WRSA.


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Anonymous said...

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Are Trump and Sessions giving the Democrats, Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Muslim Brotherhood and the BAMN/Antifa folks time and enough rope to hang themselves?

Trump has been gathering information and allies for 30 years. He would not have entered the arena without sufficient intel and organized support personnel. Trump is not a lone ranger and this is not about his ego/pride - it's about saving this country and helping its citizens.

Be patient.