Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Giddy Up: Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules Hearing on IG Report on 6/5

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Giddy Up: Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules Hearing on IG Report on 6/5: CTH
The Three Stooges of Spygate: George Neumayr
Former Trump Campaign Aides, FBI Surveillance Targets, Discuss Spygate: CTH

Trump in Nashville: Roger L. Simon
Democrats Can’t Control Their Extremism: Daniel Greenfield
Trey Gowdy Praises... DOJ/FBI Efforts During Spygate: CTH

Free Association & Equality Before The Law: The Z Man
Total Gun Confiscation Genie Can’t Be Put Back in Bottle: David Codrea
CA Tyranny: Farmer Jailed After Complying With Gun Registration Law: Ben Marquis


Eagle Hits Dragon With $50 Billion Interference Penalty: CTH
NAFTA: U.S. Trade Rep. Lighthizer and Canada’s Minister Freeland Terse Words: CTH
California’s Rationing Plan for Obamacare Patients: David Catron

Scandal Central

Sam Clovis Ponders If Intel Asset Stefan Halper Was Using Him To Get To Papadopoulos: CTH
Mueller’s agents asked about Roger Stone, Trump supporter says: ABC News Radio
Mueller May Be Investigating Confrontation Between Trump and Sessions Over Russia Recusal: Josh Feldman


‘Roseanne’ Canceled; Why Not ‘The View’?: TPI
Obama Tweets Memorial Day Pic of… Himself, During President Trump’s Speech: Shifra
Nancy Pelosi hit with GOP ad: 'Democrats' Midterm Message? MS-13 killers aren't so bad': Douglas Ernst

Up-Chuck Schumer orders media to cover up ‘Spygate’: Chris Pandolfo
Susan Rice’s Son Credits His Conservatism to ‘Ultimate Political Hero’: Mark Levin: CNS
You Won’t Believe What McDonald’s Is Being Sued For Now: Michael Snyder


North Korea’s Top Party Official Kim Yong-chol Heads To China, Then To U.S.: CTH
Report: 83 Percent of Palestinians Killed in Gaza Border Riots Were Terrorists: Aaron Kliegman
Hezbollah chief’s net worth is $250 million, in large part due to drugs: JNS

Iran Plotting With U.S. Allies to Skirt Trump’s New Sanctions: Adam Kredo
Trump and Mexican president spar over border wall again: Reuters
Moscow rejects Ukraine's accusation it murdered journalist: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Boston Dynamics’s SpotMini Just Unveiled a New Trick: Futurism
10 Companies Using Tech To Save Retail Businesses: Laura Cox
The EU Is Moving to Ban 10 of The Worst Single-Use Plastic Products: Carly Cassella


Dear Ex-Friends in #TheResistance: Julie Kelly
How the Liberal Internet Mixed Two Different Child-Migrant Stories Into Anti-Trump Outrage Gold: Henry Grabar
(Re-)Training Day: MOTUS

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