Friday, May 04, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Are NBC and CNN Paying Off Top Spies Who Leaked Info With On-Air Jobs?

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Are NBC and CNN Paying Off Top Spies Who Leaked Info With On-Air Jobs?: Lee Smith
Michael Caputo Attests to What I've Told You the Establishment Is Doing: EIB
Questions for Special Counsel Mueller: Lloyd Billingsley

NBC confirms Mueller inherited the "insurance policy": CTH
With Cat Out of Bag NBC Attempts Surveillance Obfuscation; Not "Taps", "Monitoring": CTH
Stormy's Lawyer: I Knew Cohen's Text Messages Were Illegally Tapped: GWP

Levin Says DOJ Precedent Shows 'Rogue' Mueller Cannot Indict Trump: FNI
Whose Constitution Is It, Anyway?: Michael Walsh
Generic GOP Candidates Win Polls in Majority of Senate Battleground States: Jack Heretik

Former CIA Chief Blames Trump for Creating "Post-Truth" World: Michael Ledeen
The FBI Shouldn’t Be Above The Law Either: David Harsanyi
Andy McCarthy with Levin: Mueller Has No Power to Subpoena Trump: Michael Morris


Haidt’s Theory Vindicated at MIT: Jonah Cohen
Drew Cloud Is a Well-Known Expert on Student Loans. One Problem: He’s Not Real.: Chronicle

Scandal Central

Manafort Lawyers: Leaky Mueller Probe Has Offered No Evidence Of Russia Contacts: Mollie Hemiingway
Michael Caputo: How Clinton-Mueller Legal Attack Dogs Used FISA Title-One Surveillance: CTH
Dershowitz on Cohen Wiretap: 'We Are Moving Closer and Closer to the Surveillance State': Breitbart

Corey Lewandowski Discusses Giuliani Strategy to Confront Robert Mueller Scheme: CTH
Dershowitz: Trump Better Off Challenging a Subpoena Over Sitting Down With Mueller: FNI
NYC Mayor Told By Judge To Turn Over The Goods: Jazz Shaw

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Meteorologist allegedly assaulted by NWS Director Uccellini: CFact


Washington Post's attempt to exonerate James Clapper came up woefully short: Sean Davis
Why Rudy Brought Up the Cohen Payment to Stormy: EIB
She's Back!: Matthew Vadum

The Definitive List Of Media Screw-Ups On The Trump-Russia Story: Amber Athey
Ezra Klein’s Intellectual Demagoguery: Kyle Smith
Police release body cam footage from Las Vegas Massacre: Fox


Dem Rep Refuses to Give Trump Any Credit for North Korea Negotiations: Paul Crookston
North Korea starts pulling cables from tunnels at nuclear test site: DailyMail
North Korea Nuclear EMP Attack: An Existential Threat: William R. Graham (2017)

FDR wanted Jews ‘spread thin’ and kept out of U.S., documents reveal: Steve Usdin
The Iran Deal Is a Lie: Bret Stephens
John Kerry’s thread about the Iran Deal and Netanyahu’s presentation is nauseating: TruePundit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

DHS expands police spying by adding surveillance cameras to bus stops: MassPrivateI
Twitter Bans Criticism of Islam: Daniel Greenfield
The 25 best icebreaker questions for team-building at work: Claire Lew


Bracken Sends: WRSA
Mystery Pooper Caught: Boots & Saber
‘Animal House’ Oral History: From Richard Pryor to a Real Melee: Bruce Fretts

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1 comment:

Sibyl said...

Obama abused his office from day one - and one of his favorite ways of doing this was WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE.

Obama spied on everyone!

The Press -

Congress -

During the 2015-16 campaign, Ø used his Executive branch agencies to (try to) help Hillary win and after the election to try to remove President Trump and thus extend his own power and agenda past his lawful term. Hence the house down the street from the White House.

1. Obama's Illegal warrantless surveillance was not limited to the Trump campaign, or the press, or congress:

2. There was a dramatic rise in warrantless surveillance during the O years - so much that it alarmed even the leftist ACLU:

3. Obama changed the law twice to make it easier to conduct warrantless data gathering in 2013 and in 2017.

4. 85% of Obama's warrantless surveillance searches were illegal.

Call it Obamagate, Spygate, whatever, he was a bad (or sick) guy!