Sunday, May 20, 2018

MARK LEVIN: We Need to Know What Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Power and the Rest of Them Did

By Mark Levin

The Mueller investigation has, oddly enough, revealed that the greatest perpetrator against the American people in the 2016 election was the federal government. The greatest perpetrator against the American people was the federal government, was the leadership in the FBI, the CIA, the national intelligence director, etc.

We cannot allow this to happen again. We saw our federal government used by the prior administration, by the head of the CIA, by the head of the FBI, by the head of national intelligence and many, many others used to try and destroy the candidate of the opposition party. These Obama intelligence officials tried to destroy Donald Trump and the electoral process.

An administration interfering in elections is something we've never seen anything before in American history.

So here's what we need to do. We now know that the Obama administration spied on Trump. They spied. Look, it's the Obama administration. Obama is the president. The buck stops at his desk. He may be playing around with his library in Chicago and gone off and started writing a phony book and all of that. He is to be held responsible and his surrogates are to be held responsible.

The FISA court failed us. The FISA court failed us repeatedly. We have these so-called national security letters that are supposed to be used in extreme circumstances. Instead they are being used by a cabal of FBI agents who took it upon themselves to investigate a candidate and his campaign, and then we have of course actual spies attempting to entrap members of the Trump campaign.

What the hell is this? The Soviet Union, Venezuela? It's the United States of America. So let me say this. Once Mr. Mueller, Mr. Mueller turns over his report to Mr. Rosenstein, the president of the United States should do two things. He should select the most professional, the most competent, and most aggressive prosecutor he can and give him an assignment.

The president should tell him, I want you to investigate the activities that took place in this election, let the chips fall where they may. The interference in this election by the FBI, the CIA, the national intelligence director I want to know what Brennan did, I want to know what Clapper did. I want to know what Comey did --- not because I'm going to punish them --- but to prevent this from ever hapenning again. You'll make the determinations about this.

Moreover, I would also tell him and I've said this before. We need to fix this. We cannot have another election where the federal government, our United States government, is interfering with an election.

And so what I think the president also needs to do is appoint a commission of five or six or seven people. Top-notch men and women from prior administrations -- and appoint them and instruct them to fix the FBI at the top, fix the CIA, fix the intelligence agencies -- because we cannot allow this to happen to another president of the United States.

Why haven't Republicans called these FISA judges before Congress? Because they're gutless.

You have certain Republicans who thronged with the Democrats because they want to destroy this president. They can't get over the fact that he got elected and they can't get over the fact that the American people didn't follow them. The American people don't even know who they are.

But I want to emphasize something here: we need an accounting of what Mr. Brennan did and what Mr. Clapper did and what Mr. Book Salesman Comey did. We need an accounting of what Susan Rice did, of what Samantha Powers did. And we haven't even gotten to the unmasking stuff yet.

This is nt because we want to get even. This is because we need an accounting. People need to be held to account, number one.

Number two, we need to fix these departments and agencies. To make sure this never, ever happens again.

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Anonymous said...

I want them punished. I want them indicted, tried and if convicted to do prison time and lose all federal pay,pension and benefits.
you did have one thing right: This must never be allowed to happen again.


Unknown said...

Hanging for Treason

FortisMos said...

Yes, accountability must be had. The unfortunate part is the Dems have pushed this narrative so far that any type of true investigation now will be looked at as payback.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen, it will go on and on and on. The CIA took over America in 1963 when it murdered JFK. The CIA rules AMerica and if you don't play by their rules, they'll murder you. It's that simple. This is not the first and it won't be the last. If you can succeed in releasing the chokehold of our government from the CIA and the FBI, God bless you, but I don't see how this is possible, they've solidified their power and corruption to an UNGODLY level of EVIL. All we can do is stand by and witness their destruction. Only WAR solves these kinds of problems, and removes these kinds of tyrants. If you are not ready to go to war to fight for your freedom, you're not a true American. The time for words was blown to the four winds on November 22, 1963. They've got this President under their thumb, and even though he complains and rants about it, honestly, there is nothing he can do about it and nobody to have his back. I'd like to think that all of us who voted for and support him would be able to rise up and stand behind him and defeat this despicable evil, but all I see and hear is WORDS. There's been no action. There never was any action. Even after they murdered Kennedy, they commissioned a high committee to "get to the truth" and look at the steaming pile of horse manure they handed us. Honestly, I'm old now and tired of it all, but if you think you can rise up and get this fixed, I will fight with you, but I seriously doubt that Americans have the will to preserve their freedom any more. These young people today are bleating sheep, being led to slaughter. Who's going to get this done?

Hvymax said...

Time to march into every Federal Agency and offer Deputy Directorships for whistleblowers and Prison for the rest! Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!!!

Matthew W said...

Not a single freakin democrat cares.
Mind blowing

ss396man said...

I agree! The American people are craving justice be served, not only to show accountability and responsibility are morals we live by but to prove justice is indeed blind and works equally for all Americans!

TruthSeeker said...

SO disappointed there are not more whistle blowers, but then look where that got the Uranium One whistle blower? He provided enough evidence to Congress "closed" hearing to indict people for God's sake. Anonymous is probably right, nothing will be done. When my husband and I read about this Halper guy, we looked at each other and said WTF? He has PROVEN beyond a doubt there are NOT two parties, there is the Deep State, which includes members of both parties, especially the Bushes, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, and the "Deploreables." Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Council on foreign Relations. All that you mentioned and the CFR are all part of the masonic order. The Free Masons

Anonymous said...

Investigate, indict, convict, and jail these habitual criminals for their many crimes against the American people.

Connie C said...

After hearing you go through this on Friday I emailed President Trump and told him he needs to call you. Maybe whoever reads the email will tell him to. I believe you have the only solution to getting to the bottom of this corruption and holding the crooks accountable.

Anonymous said...

Traitors, liars, cheaters! Prison is too good for them

Anonymous said...

This is a clear and present danger. The President need to declare as such and take executive action. The people are behind him.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about Obama's close personal advisor Valerie Jarrett. I'm sure she was also involved in this nefarious scheme.

johntaylorjr195 said...
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