Thursday, May 03, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Reuters Poll: Black Male Approval For Trump Doubles In One Week

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Reuters Poll: Black Male Approval For Trump Doubles In One Week: Amber Athey
Joe diGenova Discusses Rod Rosenstein: CTH
Mark Levin: ‘Mueller Cannot Be a Power Unto Himself’: Michael Morris

DOJ denies House conservatives' request to review Mueller’s directive: John Bowden
Trump threatens to use presidential ‘powers’ to intervene in ‘rigged system’: Alex Pappas
Michael Caputo Tells Corrupt Senate Intel Committee: “God Damn You to Hell”: CTH

Rod Rosenstein Protests: WSJ
Texas v. DACA Draws Judge Andrew Hanen, Big Trouble Looms For Illegal Lobby: CTH
Pocahontas descendent wants Elizabeth Warren to take DNA test: Caitlin Yilek

Preparing for The Inspector General Report on The FBI Probe of Hillary Clinton: CTH
What really happened with the GOP platform and Russia: Byron York
Trump says campaign funds were not used to pay adult-film star: Reuters


Dodd-Frank’s Unaccountable Agency: Nicole Gelinas
‘Pro-Consumer’ Group Attacking Mulvaney Tied to Liberal Dark Money Org: Joe Schoffstall
Flash - In Venezuela, five years of severance pay now buys a coffee: France 24

Scandal Central

Giuliani calls for Comey to be prosecuted and an end to the Mueller probe: Samuel Chamberlain
Clinton Fixer’s ‘Second Dossier’ Was Met With Skepticism: Chuck Ross
Wall Street should be worried about Justice Department report: John Crudele


Rudy Giuliani Interview on Wide-Ranging Issues: CTH
Shepard Smith: 'Concerted effort' by Fox News guests to advise Trump against Mueller interview: Exam
Michael Caputo Discusses His 3-Hour Questioning by Corrupt Legal “Small Group” Clinton Representatives: CTH

It’s Time For The Right To Realize The Left Is A Much Greater Threat Than Trumpism: John Ericsson
Former Trump Official Says Probe Is to Destroy the Republican Party: S. Noble
AP Stealth-Edits Report of Democrat Official Peddling Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories: David Rutz


North Korea reportedly hands Trump another big win by releasing US prisoners: Alex Lockie
Pompeo demands 'permanent' destruction of North Korean nuclear program ahead of summit: Gabby Morrongiello
Turkey: Erdoğan's World of Terrorists Includes Everyone but Terrorists: Burak Bekdil

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Researchers Create First Fully 3D Printed Electric Motor: Clare Scott
Chatbots for Hospitality Industry — Connecting With Your Guests through Chatbots: Zevik Farkash
Reddit Co-Founder Says Ethereum Price Will Reach $15,000 This Year: Aaron Wood


I can't reveal who, but someone has leaked me some MORE questions for Trump: Vachel Lindsay
All Of Your Opinions Are Belong To Us: MOTUS
Homeless man breaks into California governor's residence, says he's an 'open-door policy kind of guy': Fox

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