Monday, May 21, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: H.A.L.P.E.R. Spells Game Up for Obama's Spies

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H.A.L.P.E.R. Spells Game Up for Obama's Spies: Clarice Feldman
HPSCI Chairman Nunes Interviewed By Bartiromo: FBI Operation Crossfire Hurricane: CTH
Spies Like Obama?: Matthew Vadum

How Democracies End: A Bureaucratic Whimper: Victor Davis Hanson
Watergate II: Collusiongate: Neoneocon
A Ghost for Mr. Mueller: NY Sun

Nunes Over the Target: Scott Johnson
MS-13 members are indeed ‘animals’: Jordan Schachtel
Nearly 300 Bangladeshis Arrested After Illegally Crossing Texas Border: ConMedia

John Brennan’a Latest Tweet Has People Asking ‘Is This a Threat to Trump?’: GWP
Brennan Quotes Cicero While DOJ Expands IG FISA Abuse Investigation: CTH
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Richard Fernandez


Parents outraged at school’s silent tribute for Gaza victims: Post
Bill Black: Trump Admin Halts Investigation of For-Profit Colleges: Jerri-Lynn Scofield
‘God Help Turkey,’ Says Brokerage as Lira Goes Into Meltdown: Benjamin Harvey

Scandal Central

Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all: Mark Penn
Strassel: "Mindboggling" That Obama's DOJ Spied On The Republican Party's Presidential Nominee: RCP
Why key Obama officials ran spy-and-smear campaign as a "national security" inquiry: Robert Barnes


Devin Nunes: Informant Stories in NYT and WaPo 'the Mother of all Leaks': Debra Heine
The Lying Media Never Stops Lying About Israel : Daniel Greenfield
6 Times Hillary Clinton Whined About the 2016 Election in Her Yale Commencement Speech: PJM

John Kerry Spits In Trump’s Face — We Will Not Go ‘America First’: Robert Donachie
It’s time for Bill Clinton to take a walk in the Chappaqua woods: Post
Bill Clinton escaping the #MeToo standards and cashing in (again): Thomas Lifson


Europe Plotting to Undermine New U.S. Sanctions on Iran: Adam Kredo
How Muslim Propagators Swindle the Western Civilization: David Bukay
Report: Explosions heard at Iranian facility near Damascus: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Missile Tech in Syria: Thomas Wictor
The Future Of The Workplace – Part 1: A Short Term View: Sarah Finch
Your parents love you, Cortana. That's why we bought you an upgrade: Register


What Obama and his political Choom Gang did is far worse than Watergate: Charles Hurt
Spying On Trump: “an exceptionally, exceptionally sensitive issue”: MOTUS
Obama’s Three Muses Reappear In Mueller’s Trump Investigation: Sidney Powell (3/1/18)

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