Monday, May 14, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s Army of Treason And the Entrapment of Donald Trump

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Obama’s Army of Treason And the Entrapment of Donald Trump: S. Noble
How Obama loyalists conspired to undermine the Trump transition: Times
The left can’t handle the truth on illegal immigration: Paul Mirengoff

Black Support for Trump Reaching ‘Danger Zone’ for Democrats: TPI
Democrats Chart Out 2020 Pre-Window Primary Calendar: Frontloading
Trump Is Starting to Spook the Left: Steven Hayward

Cable News Nets Have Given Michael Avenatti $175 Million Worth Of Airtime: Hot Air
With Avenatti In The Spotlight, His Own Questionable Past Emerges: DC
Sketchy Porn Lawyer Threatens People Not To Look Into Financial Background: CTH

EMP Commission: Blackout To Last Year Or Longer With Huge Death Toll: Herschel Smith
CDC Hid Evidence That Plenty of Americans Defend Themselves with Guns: Brian Doherty
California Pro-Gun School Board Members Told To Resign: WZ


Time to Dismiss the Nanny State: Jaana Woiceshyn
Failed state Illinois creating pathetic distraction from pension crisis: John Ruberry
Why Intellectuals Fall for Socialism: Friedrich A. Hayek

Scandal Central

Huma Abedin Laptop Emails and The Non-Investigated Issues Therein: CTH
The pictures of the 3 Iranians John Kerry met in Paris: who are they?: Geller Report
Clinton Sent $150K in Campaign Cash to LLC Managing Book, Speaking Income: Joe Schoffstall

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Hawaii volcano stokes fears of West Coast eruptions: Bradford Betz
Residents Warned: Hawaii Volcano Could Erupt at Any Time: Deirdre Reilly
Is this the start of the death-spiral for old windfarms in Europe: JoNova


Savage: Did Giuliani Work Behind the Scenes to Take Down Schneiderman as a Message to Mueller?: GWP
‘The Notion of the Mythical Norm’: R.S. McCain
Mattis Flips the Tables on Audience: ‘You’re Locked in Here with Me’: Cillian Zeal

Journalistic bravery doesn't exist: Don Surber
Eric Holder Blasts Trump for His Skin Color in Divisive Interview: S. Noble
WH Leaker Leaks About Sarah Sanders Criticizing Them for Leaking: S. Noble


Paris on Edge Again After Knife Attack: VOA
New figures show scale of forced marriages in the UK – with one child as young as two rescued: Sun
Netanyahu Welcomes U.S. Delegation to Jerusalem on Eve of Embassy Opening: Breitbart

SDF Finally Clearing Euphrates Pocket: BattleSwarm
The danger of believing your own propaganda: Thomas Wictor
How the Islamic State built it's own shoulder-fired rocket launchers.: Thomas Wictor

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter Suspends Me Again: Bosch Fawstin
Secrets to a better password and less hacks: Go long, use variety, and sometimes lie: CNBC
Roborace's self-driving car isn't faster than a human (yet): Jon Fingas


How the right to self-defense became a crime in England: Robert A. Waters (2000)
The Worst Day At Work, Ever: Chicago Boyz
Phillips Sells 32 Rolex Daytona Watches for Over US$22m: SJX

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