Thursday, May 17, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: John Brennan's CIA operated as an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign

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John Brennan's CIA operated as an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign: George Neumayr
Carter: Spy, or Informant, Involves Papadopolous, But Was Not Papadopolous Himself: Ace
RCP Average of Generic Congressional Ballot Polling Down to 5.2: Ace

Giuliani Reveals Robert Mueller Conclusion: “Cannot Indict a Sitting President”: CTH
I.G. Submits Draft of Clinton Email Investigation For Principal Review: CTH
Brennan used FBI's Strzok to place info in Obama's daily briefing: CTH

The Rock Fight: The Z Man
The Irish aren't red-headed Mexicans: Coulter
Trump asks DOJ for prosecution of Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid: Aris Folley

Four Socialist Candidates Win Democratic House Primaries in Pennsylvania: Ace
Doug Jones Sides with Democratic Majority in Opposition to Haspel: Haris Alic
Compare and Contrast: Ace


Ellison: ‘A Very Good Idea’ for Government to Regulate CEO Pay: Paul Crookston

Scandal Central

Judging by testimony of participants in Trump Tower meeting, the whole thing was a nothingburger: @SeanMDav
Report: John Brennan Worked 'Pee Dossier' into Obama’s Daily Briefing, Called Steele 'Credible Source': Joshua Caplan
DWS Goes Into Hiding As Major Scandal Erupts, Media Is Flat-Out Ignoring It: MadWorldNews

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling: IBD
Remember when global warming was going to kill the U.S. Corn Belt? Never mind.: Anthony Watts


Mueller Year One: The Real Heroes in Journalism: Julie Kelly
Twitter Will Continue Providing Material Support to Hamas: Daniel Greenfield
What the Media Reports From Pallywood: @Farberyanki

How Rhetoric on the Left Fuels Bigotry on the Right: Conor Friedersdorf
CNN's Chris Cillizza Tweets GIF With Crosshairs On President Trump: Ryan Saavedra
I guess we can add this to the pile of claims CNN is never going to correct or retract.: @SeanMDav


Senior Hamas figure says 50 of 62 Gaza border deaths were its own members: The JC
US Sanctions Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah, Deputy Qassem: Algemeiner
He Shot the Right Person: DailyMail

The First Pro-Israel Administration: Daniel Greenfield
One dead after protesters set fire to police station in southern Iran: MEE
New Knife Control Laws In London?: Washington Standard

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Face recognition police tools 'staggeringly inaccurate': Chris Foxx
Ancient Kailasa Temple exposed: 60 Mind-bending images: Ancient Code
The fierce competition for supremacy in the machine learning chip market: Den Howlett


Revenge of the Pantsuit: A Probe of Hillary Clinton's Changing Apparel: Rising Serpent
Roger Stone had role in taking NXIVM down; was never in cult: Frank Parlato
Man killed by exploding vape pen is first e-cigarette casualty in US: Alexandra Klausner

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