Saturday, May 12, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Senator Chuck Grassley Drops Atomic Sledgehammer on FBI

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Senator Chuck Grassley Drops Atomic Sledgehammer on FBI: CTH
Months Later, Rosenstein Still Hasn’t Responded To Top Senate Investigator: Sean Davis
Bongino Blasts Report Comey's FBI Had 'Mole' in Trump Campaign: FNI

Secret FBI source’s role becomes dossier-level focus of GOP Russia probe: Herridge
Strassel, Gowdy and Ratcliffe Discuss Ongoing FBI and DOJ Issues: CTH
Peter King: DOJ and FBI “Put One Over” On Nunes and Gowdy: CTH

Trump’s Strategic Brilliance: He’s David, the Swamp Is Goliath: EIB
The Watergate Analogy Applies to Obama, Not Trump: EIB
Levin: Mueller seeks to indict and force resignation of president: WorldTrib

Mueller Is Now Investigating Donations To Trump’s Inauguration: Chuck Ross
VIP Packages for Clinton Foundation’s Upcoming Gala Cost $100K: Jack Heretik
Levin: The MSM ‘too obsessed’ to understand how Mueller is shredding the Constitution: CR


The Complete List of the Results of the Incredible Trump Economy: GWP
DOJ, USCIS, Team Up to Stop Employers Illegally Hiring Immigrants: WFB

Scandal Central

School district shuts down information after Stoneman Douglas shooting: David Fleshler
The real questions and dangers of criminally charging the president: Alberto Gonzales
2 New Court Decisions Are Quietly Eliminating Californians’ Second Amendment Rights: Declan McCullagh

Brennan, Strzok and Kerry Worked to Set Up Russian Espionage Traps For Minor Players in Trump Camp: GWP
Obama's FBI Spied On Trump More Than Previously Thought, New Report Suggests: DailyWire
Looking for 'solutions' to mass killings? Start with punishing failure: Glenn Reynolds

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The perils of technology forecasting, particularly regarding energy: Mark P. Mills
Open Physics vs Secret Climate Science: Eric Worrall
How Tesla PROBABLY Gamed Crash Tests: Market-Ticker


Here’s Bush Refusing to Criticize Obama, Here’s Bush Criticizing Trump: S.Noble
Never Say Never: Susan McDaniel
Civilization, If You Can Keep It: Jonah Goldberg delivers his magnum opus.: Troy Senik

UK proposes six-year prison sentence for criticizing Islam: Robert Spencer
Voters Celebrate Trump’s Foreign Policy: “Finally Got Somebody With Some Balls”: WZ
Colbert, Kimmel Use Freed American Hostages to Taunt Melania: Christian Toto


Nuclear Experts: Iran Nuclear Documents are a “Jackpot,” Show Continued Intent to Make Bomb: TheTower
Former Obama Officials Suggest European States Expel U.S. Ambassadors Over Iran Deal Withdrawal: Alex Griswold
Iranian expansion in US backyard continues unhindered: Mordechai Sones

Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska: Bill Gertz
Hamas Leader: 'Hundreds Of Thousands' Of Palestinians May Breach Israel Border: NPR
Trump: Obama paid Iran $1.8 billion for captives’ release, North Korea did it for free: Dave Boyer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Boston Dynamics' terrifying robots can now run, jump and climb: Fox
Why Every Leader Needs to Be Obsessed With Technology: Lisa Kay Solomon
Robo-callers, robo-cops, robo-runners, robo-car crashes, and more: Katyanna Quach


PDJT: He’s Got a Pen & a Sword and He Knows How to Use Them: MOTUS
Crooked Hillary Wears $1,100 Hermes Scarf to Hide Bulging Back Brace: GWP
Anonymous Member Arrested in Ohio: Catalin Cimpanu

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