Sunday, May 27, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Why is George Papadopoulos Missing From the Steele Dossier?

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Why is George Papadopoulos Missing From the Steele Dossier?: Jeff Carlson
Not so fast Obama, your biggest scandal is unfolding before our eyes: Larry O'Connor
“SpyGate”, The Inspector General, and the Expanded FISA Investigation: CTH

Remember the warriors who made the supreme sacrifice: Jocko Willink
What's Wrong With Hillary?: John Hinderaker
Trump’s lesson to the California GOP?: Ben Boychuk

The Open Secret of the FBI Investigation of Trump’s Campaign: Julie Kelly
Obama Administration’s Spying on Trump Was a Departure from Norms: Michale Barone
The Important Questions About ‘Spygate’: Chuck Ross


A Wonderful Socialist Life: Rex Vallachorum
An Epic Decision: James R. Copland
Here’s How Much Money You Need for Bankers to Think You’re Rich: Suzanne Woolley

Scandal Central

Report: FBI Agent Who Interviewed Flynn To Testify He Appeared Forthcoming: John Sexton
More stuff that Sessions, Horowitz and Huber have known for almost a year: Stealth Jeff
Heads Will Roll: Gil Gutknecht

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Volcanic quakes strike Kilauea summit as experts warn of tsunami risk: Daily Mail


Newt: Obama and Valerie Jarrett Behind Spying, Trying To Frame Trump: Cillian Zeal
Dershowitz: Everyone Should Be Concerned About FBI Informant In Trump Campaign: Amber Athey
Campaign contributor helped Obamas score Netflix deal: Isabel Vincent

Dems are not going to like this ‘#BlueWaveUpdate’ (Spoiler: Not even a ripple spotted yet): Twitchy
Trump Spotlights 17 Americans Released From Overseas Prisons Since 2017: Kerry Picket
Campaign contributor helped Obamas score Netflix deal: Isabel Vincent


Little Rocketman Kim Jong-un: “I feel closer to Moon again”…: CTH
Evidence of what I've been saying, that Kim Jong-un has no personal power: Thomas Wictor
U.S. Moves to Shutter All Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Sites in Major Reversal of Obama Policy: Adam Kredo

Was Tommy Robinson arrested for being Tommy Robinson?: Rod Liddle
Councillors and police 'had sex' with Rotherham abuse victims: The Week
Tommy Robinson Attacked in Woodhill Prison: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Boeing Deploys Executive to Rolls-Royce to Help End 787 Engine Crisis: Bloomberg
Valve Criticized Over ‘Appalling’ School Shooting Game on Steam: Stefanie Fogel
goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Networks: BoingBoing


Iowahawk Sticks It To Harvey Weinstein: BattleSwarm
Explaining the ‘Mystery’ of Numbers Stations: Maris Goldmanis
Philip Roth, Urban Excavator: Steven Malanga

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