Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary and Comey are the Same Person

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Hillary and Comey are the Same Person: Daniel Greenfield
I Cannot Handle All This Winning: Kurt Schlichter
Trump: Congressional Term Limits Push Has My ‘Full Support and Endorsement’: WFB

Gohmert Demands Mueller Resign in Report on Bureaucrat's 'Problematic' Past: FNI
New York Officials Weaponize Regulatory Power Against the NRA: J.D. Tuccille
President Trump To Attend Dallas NRA Convention: BattleSwarm

State of Resistance: San Francisco ‘Finally Kind of Melting Down’: Ben Boychuk
Blue Wave Crashing? Poll Shows Support Amongst Millennials Fading: TPI
Young White Men Go From Backing Dems to GOP by 9%: Daniel Greenfield

Russians Sold Uranium To Iran After Buying Uranium From Hillary Clinton: Patrick Howley
Stand by the Constitution: Fight the Good Fight: Douglas V. Gibbs
Clintons are Coming Back This Year: Doug Powers


American Taxpayers Spend $18.5 Billion a Year on Health Care for Illegal Aliens: NUSA
American colleges — the un-educating of young America: Bookworm
Escalation In The Banker War On Guns And Hornady Posture With New York: Herschel Smith

Scandal Central

Sara A. Carter: Did CNN's Hiring Of It's Illegal-Leak Source Violate Journalistic Ethics?: Ace
VP Pence Physician Behind Ronny Jackson Attacks: Sara Carter
New Analysis By The Forensicator Examines ‘Russian Fingerprints’ Left By Guccifer 2.0: Disobedient

Well, well, well. Justice John Bates protecting Obama, again: Vachel Lindsay
FBI Delays Release of Communications With Firm That Examined DNC Servers: Joe Schoffstall
Clinton nonprofit won't let donor cancel $10.48 monthly contribution: report: Stephen Sorace


Are Comics Fans and Pros Showing Us How to Win a Culture War?: Ace
White House Correspondents’ Association Expresses Regret About Comedian’s Performance: Andrew Kugle
Michelle Wolf: ‘I wouldn’t change a single word that I said’: Rebecca Morin

Jake Tapper's Novel is a Horrible, Amateurish Mary Sue Imitation of Dan Brown: Ace
Ahoy, Matey: Life Comes At Bill Kristol Fast: Ace
Top 10 Craziest Quotes Ever From Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: Micaiah Bilger


Netanyahu reveals Iran’s secret nukes, says Trump will ‘do right thing’: WIN
Iran deal cheerleaders claim the regime’s lies show the need for the Iran nuclear deal: Chris Pandolfo
The Abysmal Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor, Got Everything Wrong on Iran: David Steinberg

South Korean President Says Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize: Jack Heretik
Trump turned ALL conventional wisdom on its head and showed it to be worthless: Thomas Wictor
Pompeo: The material provided by Israel is real: INN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

"Director of Space Forces": Thomas Wictor
Augmented Reality from A to Z — know your Metas from your Moverios: Andy O'Sullivan
Google Battling Nefarious Actors Trying to Manipulate Search Results: Bill Gertz


"Our President": The Last Refuge
So, how many did Communism kill?: Robin Shepherd
Uber driver $140,000 richer after passenger gives him winning scratcher as a tip: TheWeek

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