Monday, May 28, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Great Unmasking

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The Great Unmasking: Clarice Feldman
Remember the Splitter Strategy?: CTH
Representative Mark Meadows Discusses #SpyGate: CTH

Clapper: ‘Obama Had No Knowledge’ Of FBI Informant In Trump Campaign: Julia Nista
James Clapper on SpyGate: “Tactical Judgement": CTH
Downer Describes Barroom Meeting With Trump Adviser Papadopoulos: Chuck Ross

Democrats Against Israel: Stuart Schneiderman
The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke.' The RNC has nearly $40 million.: The Week
A President Clinton would have made things much worse: Michael Goodwin

Outside the Defensible Perimeter: Karin McQuillan
The Media's Worst Nightmare: Wow!
Every day is Memorial Day: Jonn Lilyea


Maine: Somali refugees charged with welfare fraud: Ann Corcoran

Scandal Central

Understanding "Spygate", the Big Picture: @TheLastRefuge
Sunday Talks: Rudy Giuliani Discusses SpyGate: CTH
Andrew McCarthy on the Ongoing FBI Shenanigans: AmGreatness


'Obama's children' - some thoughts on his bitter legacy of targeted intimidation: Vachel Lindsay
Get Drunk With Hillary Clinton: Daniel Greenfield
By not reporting on pro-Tommy Robinson demos, is the media complicit in crimes against democracy?: Vlad Tepes

'Surrender Your Firearms Within 24 Hours or Be Shot': Helen Smith
Netflix Gives Hebrew the Flick: Israelly Cool
The Warrior's Tale: Daniel Greenfield

Media Double Down After New York Times Gets Busted Peddling Fake News: Mollie Hemingway
Roseanne Barr Is Not A Fan Of Obama’s Netflix Deal: ‘An Unholy Alliance’: Virginia Kruta
Biden: McConnell stopped Obama from calling out Russians: Edward-Isaac Dovere


Mike Pompeo Gives Iran A Lot Of Bad News In One Speech: RS
Endgame for the U.S. -Turkey relationship: Caroline Glick
Why Does the Islamic World Lag Behind? : Steven Hayward

"Tommy Robinson" and a singular display of intolerance's appeal: Saul Montes-Bradley
Tommy Robinson will be the UK’s tipping point: Joshua Winston
Britain is Now a Genuine Police State: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Dolphin 'happiness' is measured for the first time: Daily Mail
Take a look at your Twitter timeline 10 years ago: Jon Russell
The Meaning of Life May Be Life Itself: Steve Taylor


Memorial Day 2018: MOTUS
Freedom and Potato Salad: They Don’t Make Themselves: MOTUS
Local Girl Barely Holding It Together In The Face Of No Adversity: Reductress

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