Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden climate advisor: social media must censor Americans’ economic pain to protect green agenda

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 • Biden climate advisor: social media must hide economic pain to protect green agenda CTH
 • The J6 Committee in Context CTH
 • Where’s Ray Epps? Ned Cosby
 • Another Christian pregnancy center is set on fire Jazz Shaw
 • John Roberts’ Refusal To Release Dobbs Opinion Is Jeopardizing The Lives Of His Colleagues Federalist
 • Progressivism, Sexuality, and Mental Illness Eric Kaufman
 • Chesa Boudin Recall: How San Francisco Became a Failed City Atlantic
 • NYPD cops still quitting in record numbers Jazz Shaw
 • Supreme Court rules noncitizens not entitled to bond hearings PM


 • Dems “Renewable” Energy Plans Face Battery Shortage As They Run Up Cost Of Reliable Fossil Fuels LI
 • S&P 500 Closes Down 20 Percent from High, Officially a Bear Market CTH
 • Are housing and jobs markets bubbles about to pop? Ed Morrissey

Scandal Central

 • Tucker Carlson Outlines the Problems of Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws CTH
 • Lawsuit Forces Pennsylvania To Ensure It Takes Dead Voters Off Its Voter Rolls Gabe Kaminsky
 • Fedsurrection? Sheriff’s Office releases names of 31 “Patriot Front” members arrested in Saturday bust Spokesman


 • Welcome to the Party, Pal - In Defense of Political Escalation Abigail Shrier
 • Jake Paul Rips President Joe Biden In Viral Tweet DC
 • The moment Hunter Biden says his dad will do anything he tells him to Examiner


 • Putin Is Now Selling More Oil at Higher Prices Than Before Joe Biden's Embargo Andrew Malcolm
 • 7 bodies dumped at Mexican tourist area with ominous cartel messages Snejana Farberov
 • Departures from Afghanistan resume, but pace is worrisome for allies and Afghans Beth Bailey

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • New Study Concludes Lockdowns Caused At Least 170,000+ Excess Deaths In U.S Summit
 • Let's tag team this until everybody understands Jessica Rose
 • Justin Bieber paralysis syndrome is a known vaccine side effect, whoops! TheCounterSignal


 • Elon Musk set to meet Twitter staff in all-hands meeting Abigail Adcox
 • Mick Jagger positive for COVID-19, Amsterdam Rolling Stones concert postponed Al-Reuters
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 356 ~ PM Edition Woodsterman

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