Saturday, June 04, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Joe Biden Using FBI to Arrest Political Opponents from Prior Administration // Third World

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 • Joe Biden Using FBI to Arrest Political Opponents from Prior Administration // Third World CTH
 • Ex-Trump Official Peter Navarro Handcuffed and Put in Leg Irons by FBI-DNC CTH
 • Subpoena wars: Washington is on a path to mutually assured destruction Turley
 • Trumpology Victor Davis Hanson
 • Debunking the False Narrative About ‘Assault Rifles’ and Mass Shootings Katie Pavlich
 • I'm a Democratic Party official. I'm voting to recall Chesa Boudin. Nima Rahimi
 • Rep. David Cicilline [D] intros 2022 Democrat Strategy: Constitutional Rights Are “Bulls**t” CTH
 • Border Patrol Seizes 130 Pounds of Fentanyl During Freeway Stops in Temecula, CA BB
 • Sussmann’s cozy relationship with the FBI revealed Jerry Dunleavy


 • Biden Energy Secretary Pleased With High Gas Prices OneAmerica
 • Net Zero is a Stalinist fantasy Spiked
 • Virginians Cannot Name a Single Biden Economic Achievement Hannity

Scandal Central

 • 'Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities': Voltaire On Liberals PJM
 • Drivers in Washington State Don’t Have To Stop for Cops Anymore Josh Christenson
 • Uvalde mom handcuffed by 'coward' cops for trying to rush in and save kids says cops threatened her Daily Mail


 • Federal Agencies Celebrate Pride, Ignore Memorial Day Suzanne Bowdey
 • Rittenhouse hires Sandmann lawyer, plans to file 10 defamation lawsuits AMN
 • ‘What Is a Woman’ Exposes Disturbing Transgender Agenda Evalyn Homoelle


 • Time to Slow Cook China’s South China Sea Frog? Brent Sadler
 • Iranian scientist found dead in unclear circumstances — reports TOI
 • A Muslim storms the Kotel and joins in Talmudic prayers Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Judicial Watch Uncovers Illegal Molecular Research Conducted in America in Violation of NIH Guidelines GWP
 • COVID vaccines: When will enough be enough? John M. Contino
 • WorldWideWeb wide-area hypertext app available Tim Berners-Lee (1991)


 • Mao Zedong admirer to become White House Chief of Staff Antonio Salazarinski
 • “Pride” Events Are Banning Police From Marching In Parades Or Attending Rallies NTB
 • This Week In Pictures Power Line

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