Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: One Way Government

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 • One Way Government Auron McIntyre
 • Illegal immigrant population soars to 11.6 million Paul Bedard
 • Democrats, not democracy, fail on guns McCarthy
 • FBI opened multiple investigations into protesting parents, GOP lawmakers say Jeremiah Poff
 • More on the Uvalde door that didn't lock Jazz Shaw
 • There Is No Bipartisan Gun ‘Compromise’ In The Works, Just GOP Capitulation Federalist


 • Copper prices tipped to go ‘ballistic’ as EV revolution causes supplies to run out Frank Chung
 • White House Defends Suicidal Policy To Transition Away from Oil and Gas to Windmills and Solar Power CTH
 • "Incredible Transition" update: Gas prices hit new record; analysts wonder when we break $5 a gallon Ed Morrissey

Scandal Central

 • Report: FBI Has Maintained ‘Secure Workspace’ Inside Dem Law Firm Perkins Coie Since 2012 Debra Heine
 • Michael Sussmann has been acquitted: DC Jury and DC Verdicts Techno Fog
 • Trial Docs: Sussmann Edited FBI Presser On DNC Hack Because It ‘Undermined’ DNC Narrative Jordan Boyd
 • FBI Maintains Workspace and Computer Portal Inside Law Firm of Perkins Coie – Ramifications are Significant CTH
 • The Special Counsel Proved The FBI Belongs To The Swamp Margot Cleveland
 • Grassley raises alarm over 'partisan' social media posts linked to FBI official Jerry Dunleavy


 • Schools normalize bad study habits and failure Hugo Gurdon
 • After Ignoring Trial, Nets Gloat Over Michael Sussmann's Acquittal Kevin Tober
 • More 'Weird Developments' in the Paul Pelosi Arrest Story RS


 • Russia's top commander in Ukraine hasn't been seen in two weeks: Report Daniel Chaitin
 • Iran Not Waiting for Nuclear Weapons to Destabilize the Middle East Khaled Abu Toameh
 • Israeli Air Force simulates widescale strike on Iran nuclear facilities TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Biden Justice Department appeals ruling that lifted federal mask mandate Cami Mondeaux
 • Airlines and FAA face lawsuits over COVID-19 vaccine mandates Heather Hamilton
 • NYT: Let's face it, the mask mandates don't work Ed Morrissey


 • Professional bodybuilder Paul Poloczek dies aged 37 - hours after competing in tournament Daily Mail
 • $10 Million Lottery Winner Convicted of Murder MB
 • Celebrate Meme Pride Feral Irishman

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