Friday, June 17, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Why Biden's Attacks On Energy Are "Absolutely Insane"

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 • Why Biden's Attacks On Energy Are "Absolutely Insane" Shellenberger
 • Watch Fauci Squirm as Paul Hits Him on Boosters, Funding and More Hannity
 • Biden signs executive order to curb anti-trans laws and conversion therapy Guardian
 • It’s all over but the shouting Hugh Hewitt
 • Romney accuses White House of ‘patently false’ reports about Covid-19 funds Rachel Cohrs
 • NBC Cuts Away From Jan. 6 Hearing For Golf Nick Arama
 • MI AG Dana Nessel: “A Drag Queen for Every School” M Dowling
 • Sheriff warns against picking up folded dollars because they might contain fentanyl Denver-7
 • DNA testing proves exonerated convict was guilty all along John Sexton


 💲 Study From Former Treasury Secretary Finds Inflation Much Worse Than Government Claims Christopher Jacobs
 • Oil and gas industry responds to Biden's accusations. They are not impressed Jazz Shaw
 • Samsung: Demand Side Contraction, Inventories Too High, Request Suppliers Stall Shipments CTH

Scandal Central

 🔥 Revisiting the Flynn/Kislyak Leak Techno Fog
 • The existential threat to the Jan. 6 committee’s credibility Examiner
 • Biden's Economic Aide & Refugee Coordinator Told Americans To 'Welcome' And 'Understand' CCP Pulse


 💩 How does Twitter allow this tweet to stay up given their misinformation policy? Carol Roth
 • Elon Musk Talks With Twitter Staff During All Hands Meeting, Video CTH
 • Pride Month Jumps the Shark Jay Richards


 • ‘War Without Rules’: China’s Long-Term Gambit for Global Power Diplomat
 • UK finalizes order to extradite Julian Assange to the US Victor I. Nava
 • Russian Oil Revenue Returns to Pre Sanction Levels in May CTH


 • Have We Had a Friday Morning Skippism Before? Woodsterman
 • The Good Ol' Days… The Feral Irishman
 • Coming This Fall Earl of Taint

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