Thursday, June 02, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Energy Firms Warn of Possible Gasoline Shortages and Need for Rationing

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 • Energy Firms Warn of Possible Gasoline Shortages and Need for Rationing CTH
 • The Racialization Of America Kathleen Brush
 • Active shooter at Tulsa medical center, 5 dead including the shooter John Sexton
 • More Proof the Border Is a National Security Issue Brian Lonergan
 • SF: Chesa Boudin feuds with police who won’t show up to help him in a raid Tori Richards
 • Universities reinstate mask mandates around the country Richard Malouf
 • Trumpology Victor Davis Hanson
 • Democrats Are Fooling Themselves On Guns David Harsanyi
 • Air Force, Marines Kick Off Pride Month With Cringeworthy Tweets Leah Barkoukis


 • Biden is sleepwalking into a summer energy crisis Examiner
 • Biden admin cancels all remaining student loan debt for 560,000 borrowers Christian Datoc
 • Get Ready for $1 Per Egg: USDA Forecast Predicts Highest Food Inflation Since 1980 Stacey Lennox

Scandal Central

 • The D.C. Swamp – A Place Where Only Leftists Like Sussmann Get a Jury of Their Peers Victoria Taft
 • What is 'greenwashing,' the practice that got Deutsche Bank raided? Zachary Halaschak
 • Oh look more BS from a Bill Barr appointee Julie Kelly


 • Democrats Use Journalist’s Death and Funeral To Spread Palestinian Disinformation Carter
 • Jury Finds Amber Heard Acted with Malicious Intent to Defame ex-Husband Johnny Depp, Awards $15 Million CTH
 • Trump Threatens Pulitzer Board With Lawsuit If It Doesn’t Rescind WaPo And NYT Awards For Russia Hoax Coverage NTB


 • Is China Preparing To Destroy The U.S. Navy? Peter Suciu
 • China 'firmly' opposes U.S.-Taiwan trade initiative Al-Reuters
 • More seek gun training in Taiwan as Ukraine war drives home China threat Al-Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Pfizer-BioNTech asks FDA to authorize COVID-19 vaccine for children under 5 Asher Notheis
 • Scientists find proof of lost cities hiding in the Amazon rainforest Jak Connor
 • Blistering data transmission record clocks over 1 petabit per second Michael Irving


 • It's June: Pride Goeth Before a Fall Colonel Obyezyana
 • Once Upon A Time on a Libturd Thursday Morning Again Woodsterman
 • Word of the Daze Stilton’s Place

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