Thursday, June 16, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s Economy Is a Disaster

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 • Biden’s Economy Is a Disaster Ben Shapiro
 • After Assassination Attempt, Protesters Visit Kavanaugh's Home Douglas Blair, Evalyn Homoelle
 • Mayra Flores Win in Rio Grande Valley Highlights Latino Rejection of Democrats CTH
 • A ‘Trojan Horse’ in the Los Angeles D.A.’s Office Peter Savodnik
 • Local Governments Make Risky Pension Bets City Journal
 • 79 buses of migrants transported to Washington under Abbott-Ducey initiative Anna Giaritelli
 • Why The Biden Admin Wants Censorship Of Renewable Energy Critics Shellenberger
 • GOP Rep. Boebert initiates legal action against PAC over sugar daddy allegations Andrew Kerr
 • Conservatives Highlight Schumer’s ‘Dangerous Threats’ Philip Wegmann


 • Bill Gates has quietly become the largest farmland owner in America… Cabot Phillips
 • Biden blasts oil refiners for record high gasoline prices while his EPA kneecaps them Al-Reuters
 • California exodus: Remote workers move to Mexico due to sky-high gas and housing costs Fox

Scandal Central

 • Gang Member Who Killed El Monte Police Officers Was Released on Probation Prior to Shooting RS
 • Liz Cheney Prime Culprit Of Spreading Fake News On Russian Bounties To Hurt Trump Federalist
 • House Finally Passes Bill To Protect Supreme Court Judges – 27 Democrats Voted Against It Lookout


 • CNN Puts Inflation into a Political Context CTH
 • Hunter Biden's Ex Reveals How She Learned of His Affair With Brother's Widow Andrew Malcolm
 • CNN The Only Network To Cover Attack On Pregnancy Center, Refers To It As "Anti-Abortion Clinic" 🤡 NTB


 • US public sphere has been poisoned by FBI, Obama administration JNS
 • Biden must reject China's illegal claim over the Taiwan Strait Examiner
 • Biden To Give Ukraine $1.2 Billion In New Aid As Invasion Continues DC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Extreme heat and humidity kill thousands of cattle in Kansas AgDaily
 • Tony Fauci, the Quadruple Vaxed, Double Masked Oracle of Nonsense, Has COVID RS
 • Study: World's first cultivated fruit trees planted 7,000 years ago in Jordan Valley TOI


 • A private island with a 3-bedroom home in New Hampshire's biggest lake is listed for $3.35 million Amanda Goh
 • NY Times Magazine: The Battle Over Gender Therapy John Sexton
 • Libturd Thursday is the Word ~ Morning Edition Woodsterman

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