Friday, June 24, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Merrick Garland’s Department Of Justice Is A Threat To The Republic

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 • Merrick Garland’s Department Of Justice Is A Threat To The Republic Federalist
 • Investigators: Pelosi Responsible For Jan. 6 Security Breakdown At U.S. Capitol Jordan Boyd
 • Reporter: Democrat Reps. told her 'nobody gives a bleep about Jan. 6' Daniel Chaitin
 • Roe v. Wade is dead. Techno Fog
 • Supreme Court Rejects New York Special Need Limitation on Carrying a Firearm CTH
 • Democrats distance themselves from Biden ahead of midterms Barnini Chakraborty
 • Clarence Thomas: Expanding The Administrative State Comes At The Expense Of The Constitution Federalist
 • 50 years later, Title IX is under attack Tom Joyce
 • 6 Ways McConnell Betrays the Republican Base J.B. Shurk


 • Germany Announces Restart of Coal Power Plants for Electricity Due to Dependence on Russian Oil CTH
 • North Dakota AG Investigates Bill Gates Farmland Purchase ZH
 • House authorizers pass $839B defense budget, adding money for ships, aircraft, Ukraine Breaking Defense

Scandal Central

 • Joe Biden's Weaponized FBI Seizes Phone of Nevada GOP Leader in Ridiculous Move RS
 • Jeff Clark Describes Scene to Tucker Carlson After FBI Raids His Home for 2020 Election Wrong-Think RS
 • The real reason for Biden’s war on Juul SpectatorWorld


 • Biden Given ‘Cheat Sheet’ That Instructs Him How to Say “Hello” And Sit Down Summit
 • Nancy Pelosi's husband charged in DUI case Ryan King
 • DoJ to SCOTUS on Bruen: We will just have to enforce federal law, then Ed Morrissey


 • Sudan: The Genocide No One Talks About Pierre Rehov
 • NATO allies split over how to avoid 'World War III' with Russia Joel Gehrke
 • The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis John J. Mearsheimer


 • That Biden cheat sheet was apparently real Jazz Shaw
 • Lawyers Who Won SCOTUS Gun Rights Case Leaving Law Firm Jeffrey Rodack
 • Jeffrey Clark unloads on DOJ and Jan. 6 panel: 'I don't recognize the country anymore' Ryan King

1 comment:

seafarer said...

Regarding Jazz Shaw’s take on the Biden cheat sheet: “part of me hoped it wasn’t true" -- Of course we instinctively think that! We would never want the president and C-in-C (or any other human for that matter) to ever be that far gone. But that is why I believe we are being played. In their thirst for power, I would not put anything past them, heartstrings tugs included,

The way Dems are having Biden’s days in power play out is deliberate. The optics are intentional: Convey a man lost in his own house... that he should even be felt sorry for. And, though well the former seems to be the case, it is the latter Dems are banking on: The call for humanity though it is they who have none!

(It is their quest for power that installed this walking falling babbling pile of mush as president though everyone in America knew his shelf life was limited and his cognitive decline so obvious that to get the job, he couldn’t even leave his own basement.)

So, after Dems throw Biden over the side, don’t be surprised when they say, “How dare anyone talk bad about this elderly American statesman who has given so much to his country,” or the “Where’s your heart? You don’t kick a man like this when he’s feeble, frail or down” pap.

Remember it was Dems who were and are the heartless scum who used Biden solely as a tool -- as a means to their own end -- in a greedy gleeful anticipation of his ascendancy (in name only) to our highest office, even as his descent into dementia was already well underway. How sad...

But Dems actually see that as a win-win: Watch them pivot and play for empathy the very moment he’s no longer (physically) there. Though one question still remains: Does Biden actually have to be alive before his body lies in state?