Thursday, June 30, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The degradation of our military

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 • The degradation of our military Michael N. Mattia
 • Delusional Democrats Advance 'Transgender Bill of Rights' PJM
 • Thomas Aquinas on Immigration @AJiazhang
 • New J6 Narrative About Trump Collapses Hours After Tuesday Hearing Tristan Justice
 • Biden hits new low in polls Daniel Chaitin
 • Biden hopes defeat on Roe leads to victory in midterm elections as liberals rage Katherine Doyle
 • California's A.G Leaks Names, Home Addresses of Gun Carriers – Including Cops, Judges PJM
 • Now we're going to meet with the Taliban about unfreezing their money? Jazz Shaw
 • Donald Trump Scores Win Against Letitia James' New York Witch-Hunt RS


 • Fourth of July far costlier year after infamous White House 16-cent savings boast Examiner
 • There's no foreign oil bailout for Joe Biden Examiner
 • US Emergency Oil Reserves Tumble To Record Low 27 Days Worth Of Supply ZH

Scandal Central

 • Turkey Drops Opposition to Sweden and Finland Joining NATO, Biden Approves F-16 Sales to Turkey CTH
 • Ginni Thomas Demands Context From J6 Panel Before She’ll Cooperate With Kangaroo Court Tristan Justice
 • Dr. Fauci Took Some of His Own Medicine, and It Didn't Go Well PJM


 • No one should be forced to declare their pronouns Joanna Williams
 • Harris: Uh, let me amend what I said about Biden running again and me being his "ticket mate" Hot Air
 • Disney Can't Stop: Series Features a Robot Getting Tampon Advice From a Trans Man RS


 • Russia has no interest in peace talks, leading NATO officials say Joel Gehrke
 • Vladimir Putin blasts NATO 'imperialism' over Western military shake-up plan Access to the comments Euronews
 • Upgrading Turkey's F-16s is strategic malpractice Michael Rubin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • How Trump Increased Your Cell Phone Bill Matt Stoller
 • Wind Industry insider laments 15 years waiting for the bright “future that never seems to come” JoNova
 • New superbug found in pigs can jump to humans Jamie Seidel


 • Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People: “Just unheard of” Facts Matter
 • Captain Kirk & the crew of the Starship Enterprise Meet Joe Biden Bob Richards
 • It Must Be Another Libturd Thursday Morning Woodsterman


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