Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Unreal: The national average for gas just hit $4.92 as we continue to build back better

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 • Unreal: The national average for gas just hit $4.92 as we continue to build back better NTB
 • “Overwhelming”: Current Migrant Caravan headed to U.S. Could be “Largest Ever” Carter
 • The Steele Dossier and Lying to the FBI — Not Guilty as Charged John Kiriakou
 • Revisiting America’s Debt Jeff Sessions
 • Chesa Boudin's exit creates the Democrats' "law and order priority" Jazz Shaw
 • Cab driver beaten to death with a pipe-Boudin's office treated it as accident John Sexton
 • Ted Cruz Owns Democrats in Gun Violence Hearing: 'All of Us Can Agree' RS
 • The Biden Administration's Five Stages of Grief Charles Lipson
 • The January 6th Committee Kindly Asks You to Ignore the FBI Rep. Andy Biggs


 • Biden Cabinet Members: There is Nothing More That Can Be Done to Lower Gas Prices CTH
 • Let them buy Teslas: Electric car owner Stabenow says gas prices don't matter Breanne Deppisch
 • WSJ poll: Americans highly pessimistic about economy, national direction Ed Morrissey

Scandal Central

 • Dershowitz: Peter Navarro Arrest 'Dangerous to Democracy' Jeff Poor
 • Strzok claims ignorance of FBI mistakes in launching Alfa-Bank investigation Jerry Dunleavy
 • Handwritten FBI And DOJ Notes Special Counsel Just Released Are Huge Margot Cleveland
 • Here’s An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore Has $36B Invested in the CCP. DrillDown
 • Blackmail 101: New Video Shows Nude Hunter Biden Waving Around A Gun With Prostitute TPI
 • Stopping 'Quarantine Camps' in New York State Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, Esq.


 • Kyle Rittenhouse Prepares Legal Action Against Media OneAmerica
 • Report: CNN may dump hosts who show obvious political bias Kosherpundit
 • Returning to a true Christian liberal arts education is goal of new Hildegard College Fix


 • North Korea’s ‘unprecedented’ missile launch rate to renew military standoff Joel Gehrke
 • Chinese Surveillance Giant Arms Iran With Advanced Spy Tech Adam Kredo
 • One dead and 30 injured after man drives car into crowd near Berlin church Examiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Uh, wow: EVERY SINGLE PATIENT in a recent study was cured of cancer after trying a new drug NTB
 • U.S. Agencies Warn About Chinese Hackers Targeting Telecoms and Network Service Providers HackerNews
 • Republican governors rightly reject Biden’s transgender blackmail Examiner


 • Noted In Passing: Advice from “Human” Resources aka “Angry women just like me.” American Digest
 • The Morning Briefing: Karma Will Not Be Kind to the J6 Kangaroo Court Commies Stephen Kruiser
 • Victims of Larry Nassar to file $1 billion in claims against FBI ABC

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Gas prices soar to new record highs, with the national average at almost $5 - Video