Thursday, June 09, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Report: Soros Prosecutors Run Half of America’s Largest Jurisdictions

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 • Report: Soros Prosecutors Run Half of America’s Largest Jurisdictions Josh Christenson
 • Rep. Jordan: FBI Targeting Conservative Employees OneAmerica
 • Homeland Security Issues Another Terrorism Bulletin to Drive Narrative Lora Ries
 • Senator Josh Hawley Reveals Government Using Big Tech to Censor American Speech CTH
 • Beware the Left's Second Amendment power grab Examiner
 • Hey, Democrats, No One Gives a Damn About Your Hearing Derek Hunter
 • Dems Despair as Biden Approval Hits New Record Lows Hot Air
 • Threats to Kavanaugh’s Wife And Kids — After Assassin Caught By His Home DailyWire
 • House passes sweeping gun control bill, faces uphill battle in Senate Examiner


 • Yellen About Stupidity Scott Johnson
 • Once scared of nuclear power, she became a nuclear operator and advocate John Sexton
 • World Bank slashes China growth forecast over Covid damage AFP

Scandal Central

 • New video emerges of Hunter Biden, sex worker and his illegally obtained gun PM
 • CNN Blames Republicans For Attempted Left-Wing Assassination Of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Federalist
 • Judicial Watch Lawsuit Forces Release of DOJ Memo Declining Criminal Prosecution for Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter JW


 • Twitter Spikes On Reports Firm Will Comply With Musk's Bot Data Demands ZH
 • Obama campaign manager: Blame AhOleC's "dumb s***" if Dems lose the House Ed Morrissey
 • What This Clip From the X-Files ITHM


 • Bolsonaro Implies Doubt on Biden’s Election Ahead of Latin America Summit CTH
 • Israeli tanks said to destroy Syrian army outpost built in Golan demilitarized zone TOI
 • Ukraine war live: World 'supposed' to weaken Russia, says Zelenskyy EuroNews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • What is SADS? Healthy young people dying from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Frank Chung
 • Doctors trying to determine why many young people are suddenly dying Daily Mail
 • Twitter Reverses Position, Will Allow Elon Musk Access to Background Data CTH


 • Groomer Schools 2: Queer Futurity and the Sexual Abuse of Your Children New Discourses
 • Here’s Setup for House Panel’s TV Show on Capitol Riot Fred Lucas
 • Libturds . . . The Gift That Keeps On Giving ~ 1 Woodsterman

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