Sunday, June 12, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Democrats: 'A Criminal Organization'

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 • The Democrats: 'A Criminal Organization' Clarice Feldman
 • Americans Respond to Biden Saying U.S. Economy is Great CTH
 • Tucker Carlson Is All of Us in Latest Take-Down of Biden's America RS
 • Pelosi’s Court: How the Jan. 6 committee undermined its own legitimacy Turley
 • 90 gymnasts were preyed upon, and the FBI swept it under the exercise mat Jon Gabriel
 • Truckers are sounding major alarm bells about the looming gas crisis NTB
 • 📖 Your reminder that books are not banned in this country Sunny McSunnyface
 • Pro-abortion protesters plan to "shut down" Supreme court ahead of ruling Jazz Shaw
 • It's 'Pride' Month Again Trevor Thomas


 • Electric Bill Increases Worsen Inflation Pain Bloomberg
 • Tampon shortage hits major retailers nationwide Cassidy Morrison
 • China-owned Smithfield Foods closing operations in Vernon, Calif. MW

Scandal Central

 • FBI Chief Comey Misled Congress Russiagate, Lisa Page Memo Reveals Paul Sperry
 • Report: NIH Officials Took Secret Payments From Outside Firms OAN
 • Hunter's Hooker: A Teachable Insight Into American Capitalism ZH


 • Teaching the virtues of resistance to communism Examiner
 • David Axelrod: Biden's age 'major' problem for future political viability Daniel Chaitin
 • Yikes: AP Tries to Explain Interview With Radio Host—Who's Been Dead for Two Years Nick Arama


 • Western Economic Inflation is a Feature, Not a Flaw, Currently Hidden Behind Sanctions Against Russia CTH
 • Corporate America’s rainbow virtue-signaling is not just hypocritical — it's harmful Brad Polumbo
 • Neil Oliver Stays Focused, the Questions We are Not Allowed to Ask CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Monkeypox is following the Covid playbook step by step Kit Knightly
 • Medical School Launches Transgender Nursing Program, Cites Women's Need for Prostate Exams Alex Parker
 • You'll Never Escape COVID Shawn A. Means


 • Dissident Football Coach Fined $100k for Wrong Thoughts CTH
 • Britain, 2049: You’ll own nothing, and you won’t be particularly happy about it Sam Ashworth-Hayes
 • On a Redwood American Digest

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