Friday, June 03, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: JPMorgan CEO Warns That U.S. Economy Will Be Crushed Under Biden Green New Deal Agenda

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 • JPMorgan CEO Warns That U.S. Economy Will Be Crushed Under Biden Green New Deal Agenda CTH
 • Jan. 6 committee is a kangaroo committee Times
 • Obama’s ‘Personal’ Vendetta Drove Anti-Israel UN Campaign, Says Ex-Ambassador UWI
 • Zuckerberg Group Spending $80M to Hijack Local Election Practices and Help Liberals Pulse
 • Need more proof that NY’s justice system is a sham before Dems wake up? Joe Borelli
 • Tulsa Gunman Ranted to His Surgeon Then Bought Rifle Hours Before Hospital Massacre Daily Yeast
 • 'Enough': Biden calls for sweeping gun control agenda in wake of Uvalde massacre W. James Antle III
 • Democrats' safety agenda demonizes gun owners, coddles criminals, and defunds police Examiner
 • Father of Parkland school shooting victim rips focus on gun control after Uvalde Jeremiah Poff
 • DeSantis: Fatherlessness is the main source of societal problems, calls on dads to step up Rebel
 • Raising Red Flags on Federal Red Flag Gun Laws Amy Swearer
 • Hero truck driver rescues Yeshiva student from random attack LTS


 • Our Economic Misery Isn’t an Accident, It’s the Plan Daniel Greenfield
 • Small Business Payrolls Collapse in New ADP Report for May, Total Employment Result Far Below Expectations CTH
 • Biden Really Bungled This Baby Formula Shortage Crisis, And Here’s The Proof Jordan Boyd

Scandal Central

 • John Durham lost because he treated the FBI as a dupe — rather than a Clinton collaborator Andrew C. McCarthy
 • Lying to FBI no sweat for jury in Clinton lawyer ‘Russiagate’ trial Bruce Golding
 • Yuma County Sheriff's Office reveals 16 open vote fraud cases, warns of 'pattern' leading up to primaries RSBN
 • Another Justice Department Fail: The Flynn Unmasking Julie Kelly
 • Trial against Steele dossier source Igor Danchenko is next test for Durham investigation Jerry Dunleavy
 • There Is No Plan Matthew Continetti


 • The media's role in creating mass shooters gets less attention than it deserves John Sexton
 • Stelter BF and Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Sentenced to Four Years in Prison CTH
 • Where are the men of courage? They’re gone thanks to ‘toxic masculinity’ Miranda Devine


 • Exposed: How China Helps Iran Evade Sanctions Through Multibillion-Dollar Oil Scheme Adam Kredo
 • Putin axes five generals in latest purge of top Russian commanders: Report Victor I. Nava
 • Sanctions Will Break Russia’s Economy in the End, Germany Says Iain Rogers

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Shocking Pfizer Document: High Percentage of Vaccinated Pregnant Women Suffered Miscarriages Anne Reed
 • Senate panel exploring loosening telehealth rules for Medicare recipients Jessica Dobrinsky
 • Coinbase to Rescind Employment Offers, Extend Hiring Freeze Yueqi Yang


 • Rolex worn by prisoner during WWII 'Great Escape' up for auction TRT World
 • Signal Corps Earl of Taint
 • The Funnerest Friday Morning Is Upon Us Woodsterman

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