Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Energy crisis making aggressive green agenda look like peacetime luxury

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 • Energy crisis making aggressive green agenda look like peacetime luxury Jeremy Beaman
 • Pompeo rips Biden for being owned by 'progressive Left' ahead of Saudi trip Naomi Lim
 • SCOTUS: States, Localities Cannot Ban Faith-Based Schools from Public Funding CTH
 • Did Russian hackers blow up a Texas LNG pipeline on June 8? Tom Rogan
 • Chinese Influence Operations Continue on College Campuses Jarrett Stepman
 • Border Patrol chiefs under three presidents warn Biden on 'whipping' discipline Anna Giaritelli


 • Exxon CEO: Oil Prices Here To Stay For At Least 5 Years WZ
 • Biden's gas tax holiday unlikely to deliver much relief, experts say Examiner
 • Why Democrats Want to Get Rid of the Suburbs Linda R. Killian
 • White House Floats Narrative that Biden U.S. Food Shortages are Fault of Putin CTH
 • House Republicans Call for Accountability on ‘Bidenflation’ and Energy Crisis Fred Lucas
 • Inflation Continues to Clobber Us. Can the Fed Help? Douglas Blair

Scandal Central

 • Levin: 1/6 Committee 'Major Participant' in Rise of Post-Constitutional America Jeff Poor
 • Durham Played You For A Fool! Emerald Robinson
 • Biden Admin Quietly Nukes Trump-Era Transparency Initiative Tracking Fed Payouts To Left-Wing Activists DC


 • Elon Musk’s Tesla Lays Off LGBTQ+ and Diversity Heads LI
 • Betsy DeVos: Biden Plans to Radically Change Title IX to Let Biological Men Play Women’s Sports Rob Bluey
 • Whistleblower Exposes Corruption at Media Matters Matt Margolis


 • China using mandatory "health tracker" app to lock people down Jazz Shaw
 • US Navy reports ‘unsafe’ encounter with Iran’s Guards in Strait of Hormuz TOI
 • Netanyahu comeback tour complicates Biden's Middle East overtures Joel Gehrke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Mark Cuban’s new drug company exposes billions in government overspending Heather Hamilton
 • Toyota cuts car production in July by 50,000 amid semiconductor shortage Christopher Hutton
 • FDA to kick Juul vaping products off the market Cassidy Morrison


 • Once-Great Sports Illustrated Is Now Just Another Bullhorn For Attacks On The First Amendment David Harsanyi
 • New Museum Bears Witness to Communism’s Horrors, Honors Its Victims Philip Reynolds
 • Skiparoo Tuesday ~ Afternoon Edition Woodsterman

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