Sunday, June 26, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrat politicians seem to be inciting an insurrection

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 • Democrat politicians seem to be inciting an insurrection Andrea Widburg
 • Iran nuclear talks to resume with US in 'coming days,' EU says Misty Severi
 • Lloyd Austin needs to resign as Secretary of Defense Jazz Shaw
 • Perspectives on the Dodd Decision Overruling Roe v. Wade Clarice Feldman
 • The Left Has Only Themselves to Blame for RBG Failing to Retire Kira Davis
 • Mark Levin clears up misconceptions about SCOTUS decisions Blaze
 • Gaslighting Committee Attempts Launch of Banana Republic Kenneth R. Timmerman
 • Hundreds of NYC prosecutors quitting woke bosses and onerous reforms Post
 • Reducing CO2 Hurts the Planet and Humanity: Time to Reconsider Mass. v. EPA Swier


 • A mass exodus from the Democrats' America Examiner
 • Germany Wants Meeting on Inflation, Climate Policy and Worsening Energy Crisis CTH
 • Retailers Preparing for Recessionary Drop in Spending; Some Outlets Will Not Survive CTH

Scandal Central

 • The O’Keefe Project: Unseal me here Power Line
 • Ghislaine Maxwell on suicide watch, though she isn't suicidal, attorney says Daniel Chaitin
 • U.S. Bureau of Prisons provides free cosmetic sex change surgery to a pro-Nazi male bank robber JihadWatch


 • Woke Corporations Offering Relocation and Travel Cost Services for Employee Abortions CTH
 • Kamala Is So 'Unburdened' From Sense on Abortion, Even Marianne Williamson Has Questions Nick Arama
 • Warren Sapp Says Colin Kaepernick’s Workout With The Raiders Was A ‘Disaster’ DC


 • Explosions rock Kyiv, Russians ‘fully occupy’ key eastern city TOI
 • Russia to place nuclear-capable missiles in Belarus Joel Gehrke
 • Antisemitism With Chinese Characteristics Tuvia Gering

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Pfizer CEO Says Annual COVID Vaccine Booster is Almost a Certainty CTH
 • Neil Oliver Outlines Madness of New Push to Vaccinate Children 6 Months to 5 Years Old CTH
 • Google engineer identifies anonymous faces in WWII photos with AI facial recognition TOI


 • Why Was Lady Liberty on All Our Original Coins? Harold Witkov
 • Studio 54 club owner Mark Fleischman: ‘I’m ending my life by suicide’ Michael Kaplan
 • The alternate reality where we never needed Roe Jazz Shaw

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