Saturday, June 18, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Democrat Party’s 'Dirty Hands'

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 • The Democrat Party’s 'Dirty Hands' Richard McDonough
 • Los Angeles DA policy pays for funeral of cop killer Tori Richards
 • Mail-In Ballots Found Discarded Along California Freeway Jack Phillips
 • Biden Energy Officials Stonewalling FOIA Requests For Secret White House Meetings DC
 • Michigan Democrats want parents to have less say in their children's education Zachary Faria
 • Why Are Thousands of Flights Being Canceled at America's Airports? Rick Moran
 • Biden DHS Tells Border Patrol Not to Apprehend Migrants near Walls, Rio Grande Randy Clark
 • Biden’s border crisis pushes Hispanics toward GOP Examiner
 • Biden tells AP he's unpopular because Americans are mentally unwell Monica Showalter


 • Regulation, COVID-19, and giant explosions: Why the US is short on oil refining Jeremy Beaman
 • If Russia cuts off supply of enriched uranium to US, nuclear energy reactors will close within a year Ethan Huff
 • I used to think solar was the best way to make electricity, but I was wrong. Brian Gitt

Scandal Central

 • Apparently, We’ve Been Sending Military Defense Tech Blueprints to China. DrillDown
 • The UK's Decision to Extradite Assange Shows Why The US/UK's Freedom Lectures Are a Farce Greenwald
 • UK Agrees to Extradite Julian Assange to U.S. After Assurances He Will Be Imprisoned in Australia CTH


 • SpaceX Fires Woke Worker Activists Who Attacked SpaceX Boss, Elon Musk CTH
 • Employees of Stephen Colbert's Late Show arrested in the House office building last night John Sexton
 • NY Times: Inflation is going to be brutal (Update) John Sexton


 • The troubling implications of Jake Sullivan's hot mic revelations Rajan Laad
 • Fauci Refuses to ‘Stop Funding Chinese’ Research With US Tax Dollars Eva Fu
 • Ukraine entry to EU promoted by non-EU member Jazz Shaw

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • AQATWW: I for one welcome our fanfic-writing robot overlords Inverarity
 • CRISPR Fried Chicken: Genetically Engineered Hens Made to Kill Their Male Chicks Technocracy
 • Bloodbath: $60B Erased From Crypto Markets as ETH Dumps Below $1K, BTC Sub-$20K Jordan Lyanchev


 • Uvalde police claim they don't need to release records about shooting Jazz Shaw
 • To Hell With the Queens English! Let's Talk Google Diogenes
 • The Week in Pictures: Liberal Exhaustion Edition Power Line

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Anonymous said...

The Clinton Administration killed the American company, US Enrichment Corp., by denying their application for a centrifuge plant to replace our obsolete gaseous diffusion plants. The reasons were "classified."