Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Aurora Massacre Takes Place Every 10 Days in Chicago, Gun-Control Capital of the United States

The city of Chicago enforces the most draconian (and unconstitutional) gun-control laws in the United States.

And how's that working out?

Oddly, there are no calls for more gun control in the wake of the weekly Chicago massacre. Once you have the stiffest gun control laws on the books, you should probably look at the root of the problem... "Three men are dead and at least 23 other people wounded from gun violence across the city since Friday night."

In fact, Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy is "accentuating the positives" of the bloody results of his city's oppressive gun ban, which prevents only the law-abiding from defending themselves by force of arms:

McCarthy noted this weekend's numbers were half the total of shootings for the same weekend last year. He also said that while 2012 shootings are up by eight percent over 2011, they've decreased considerably since March when the year-to-year increase was 40 percent...

...McCarthy also said the murder rate is well below the record of 970 set in 1974, although it's still on pace to reach 450 murders and that the murder rate is increasing as overall violent crime in Chicago is showing a decline.

In other words, an Aurora massacre occurs every 10 days in Chicago, the gun-control capital of the U.S. Like Washington DC, New York City, Mexico City and London -- to name but a few -- "gun-free" cities are truly areas where the innocent are targeted by predators who have no intention of abiding by any law.

The masterminds who think they can banish evil from the world by banning guns must reject all of human history, as well as logic and reason, to promote their unconstitutional schemes.


An Old Sergeant said...

You can't fix stupid!!

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court ruled the city's handgun ban unconstitutional in 2010, meaning it has not been enforced since then. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, they haven't issued any permits and have flouted the ruling.

Rose said...

The Daily #ChicagoDepravities. They're #NotTrayvon, and they never warrant a Presidential phone call, nor a harangue by Jess Jackson or Al Sharpton. There's no political gain for them in these daily tragedies.

It's too bad Michelle took up being head of the nanny state, telling us all #LetsMove, instead of doing something in her own hometown to help the victims of horrific crime. She's had multiple chances now, as wife of then Senator Obama and now First Lady.