Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Great news: Google targeting gangs, jihadists, militants and... wait for it... "right-wing extremists"

Because the Tea Party is so violent compared to, say, the Occupy movement, right?

Violent illicit networks represent a trillion-dollar problem that affects every society in the world and claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year. For example, more than 50,000 people have died in the past five years as a result of the ongoing war in Mexico between rival drug cartels...

We think Google can help [combat these networks]. Eighteen months ago we launched Google Ideas with the belief that Google is in the unique position to explore the role that technology can play in tackling some of the toughest human challenges in the world. Our first area of focus was counter-radicalization; last year we convened the Summit Against Violent Extremism with former gang members, right-wing extremists, jihadists and militants as well as survivors of violent extremism. Among the many outcomes of the summit was a platform that we established as a one-stop shop for tackling violent extremism through formers and survivors.

Curious how the term Left-Wing Extremists couldn't make Google's short list, eh? At last check, the far left Occupy movement has been responsible for:

• 6,800 arrests

• $12 million in property damage

• 500 thefts and/or robberies

• more than a dozen rapes

• and three murders and a dozen deaths

I wonder how many crimes the Tea Party and other Constitutional Conservatives -- people who believe in America's founding principles -- have been responsible for?


Mundane68 said...

Well, somebody at a Tea party said a Bad Word, so they are TOTALLY equivalent!

The Elephant's Child said...

I dunno, but why when I'm searching for something on Google, do I have to get to page 27 or so before I an find a conservative source?

Anonymous said...

Um, Doug...

How about moving your blog off of Google's Blogspot? You have no idea of how many requests for transfer of protected data my antivirus/antispyware/antimalware blocks when I browse your blog and it is all from Google.

This crap has gotten really bad over the last 3 months, too.

Google is trying to mine my social security number, my drivers license number, my address, my telephone number, my bank and credit card numbers, passwords, etc.. They also try loading so many cookies on my computer they might as well change their name to Nabisco.

Fortunately I have excellent software that basically tells Google to go to hell but it takes your page over a minute to load because I'm getting bombed by Google trying to get at my personal information.

Nahanni (I try not to log in via Google anymore)

suek said...

If you use Firefox you can use this program to block a lot of that stuff. It's also very annoying because it also blocks the multitude of other desirable stuff from Java - but I have no problem loading _this_ blog. Starts right up.


I have no idea if there's an equivalent program for other browsers.

directorblue said...


I don't get any spyware/malware complaints from anyone else.

I'm only using google's ad network and lijit, both of which appear to be entirely above-board.

as for using blogspot: it's free, it's pretty secure, and it handles as much traffic as i get. none of that would apply with trying to host my own site, therefore i don't bother.

i trust google to host my content and i do have backups.

you should absolutely not be seeing malware on the site.

Mundane68 said...

Director, I ahve seen pics of Obama and Charles Schumer on your site, so you are not malware free.

Oh, you did that on PURPOSE???