Saturday, July 14, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Who Democrats really are and what we must do

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Who Democrats really are and what must be done about them: TAB
Obama Took Cash from Bain Outsourcing Execs: Breitbart
Marxist/Progressives making Democrats unpatriotic: Exam

TX voter ID: Obama's lawyers have embarrassing day in court: SAB
Hoping to fake change successfully: RSM
Meet Bainers, the New Birthers: RS

Obama's Appeal Is Not Dwindling. It's Just More Selective.: Ace
Obama, Dems Push DISCLOSE Act to Intimidate GOP Donors: Roff
Ted Cruz donations surge as his poll numbers rise: Twitchy


Obama’s Imperial Presidency Guts Welfare Reform: Foundry
GAO: Obamacare Medicare Cuts Timed to Avoid Election: Beacon
He's One to Talk: Gay Patriot

Capitalism and the Moral High Ground: ObjStd
How a Union Boss got his $574K vacation home: Greenroom
Obama Shows His Total Ignorance About Business: S&L

Scandal Central

Dem Front Sends Voter Registration To Dogs, Dead: S&L
DCCC Covering Up Stalking Videos?: RS
The Top Ten Felons, Fugitives and Miscreants in Obama's Life: Breitbart

Climate & Energy

Obama's crony capitalism and new regulations drive jobs overseas: Exam


Why Would Mitt Romney’s Campaign Manager Deliberately Insult Me?: RSM
Obama Campaign Deputy Says ‘Spread The Smears’: S&L
The Unintentionally Hilarious Trailer for Pro-Obama Movie: CDN

Democratic Underground Friday Comedy Jam: Ace
AP’s Protection of Geithner in ‘Lie-bor’ Scandal Continues: BizzyBlog
Levin calls for impeachment of HHS Kathleen Sebelius for unlawfully gutting welfare reform: Scoop

The Most Accurate Obama Venn Diagram Yet: IMAO
Hard Days Ahead for Obamacare: AT
Brilliant! Romney Smashes Obama With “What Happened?” Ad: GWP

Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential choice should come from the Sunshine state: RWN
Bolton: ‘Small Arms’ treaty has hidden agenda by gun control crowd: Scoop
Obama Calls Mandate a 'Tax': RWN

The Declaration of Independence Annotated: Volokh (Barnett)
Chief Justice Roberts was against Obamatax before he was for it: Cato
The Titanic of Talk Radio: Lord


Obama's Spectacular Failure: Glick
More Deaths Caused By Illegal Aliens: Patterico
Judicial Watch Obtains Records from ICE Regarding President’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama: JW

Those Olympic Uniforms That Harry Reid Wants To Burn? They’re Made By A Top Dem Donor's Co.: WZ
Chile at a Crossroads: RWN
Merkel: Germany’s Jews won’t be punished for circumcisions: Haaretz


BBC releases Olympics app, streams the glorious Games straight to your iOS or Android device: Engadget
Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks: TechCrunch
Hacking BMW's Remote Keyless Entry System: Schneier


Bwahahaha! Jimmy Kimmel Introduces the Bawling ‘Boehner Baby’: Bruce
99 Problems: CDN
Autistic man survives 3-week ordeal in Utah desert: AP

Image: Morlock Revolt
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Support Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "Innocent people dying was the objective of Fast and Furious, not collateral damage.

It would be as if the Bush administration had implemented a covert operation to dump a dangerous abortifacient in Planned Parenthood clinics, resulting in hundreds of women dying — just to give pro-lifers an argument about how dangerous abortion clinics are.

That’s what Fast and Furious is about." --Ann Coulter

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