Thursday, July 12, 2012

Headline o' the Month

Navin alerts us to this hilarious headline:

And he adds:

So let me see if I understand the liberal logic.

If you are a white candidate for president and don't show up at the NAACP meeting, it is because you are a racist.

If you show up at the NAACP meeting and get booed for some reason, you are a racist.

So, the only way for a white candidate for president not to be a racist is to show up at an NAACP meeting, refuse to speak, and hand out $100 bills, otherwise risk being booed and therefore a de facto finding that you are a racist.

Why doesn't the liberal media just stipulate that all white Republicans are racist? Or would that be racist?

Don't worry, Navin: vintage media is today operating under the same business model that door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen employed in 1995.

Update: Ricochet:

So, to recap: Mitt Romney wanted to get booed by the NAACP so that he could prove himself to a bunch of racists, so he flew in his own black people to show their support by heckling him, which both proved that he was both loved and unloved by African Americans and yet, somehow, this was designed to prove that he hates minorities.

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