Friday, July 13, 2012

Sick: Obama and his minions promote dependency on government using taxpayer dollars and pop culture

Because that's what this president does. As you may know, the Obama administration has spent millions promoting the benefits and availability of food stamps.

The Spanish-language radio ads composed a 10-part miniseries called "Hope Park." In it, the characters were shown persistently trying to convince a character named "Diana" to go on food stamps -- known these days as SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- even though her husband works and she doesn't think she needs it.

"I don't need help from anyone," Diana says in Episode 4. "My husband makes enough to take care of us."

But her friends are persistent, and by Episode 10 Diana is enrolled and singing the program's praises.

The ads drew criticism at a time when one in seven are already enrolled.

The food stamp rolls have swelled since the recession, growing roughly 40 percent since 2009. As of April, more than 46 million people were in the program, which costs $80 billion a year.

A more cynical blogger would claim that Obama is attempting to buy votes using taxpayer funds.

There's no doubt, though, that his efforts strengthen a nefarious culture of dependency symbolized by rap videos like this one (yep: language warning).

I ask you patriotic Democrats -- you Reagan Democrats -- who refuse to succumb to the crazy: do you think any country can survive this? I mean the trillions in deficit-spending each year? Promoting illegal immigration and vote fraud? Government consuming 30 to 40 percent of all goods and services produced each year? Endless regulations and federal edicts? Nationalized auto companies and health insurers?

Any sane person knows how this will end. We're seeing it happen in Europe. It's called an economic implosion.

You need to join us, friends. You must help us save this country by electing candidates who will honor the oath they take to protect and uphold the Constitution.

Because our children and grandchildren -- your children and grandchildren -- are counting on us.

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