Saturday, July 14, 2012

Speaking of offshoring: Why is President Obama holding fundraisers in Communist Red China?

Yoohoo, old media: do you think this story might be just a tad more important than Mitt Romney's start date at the Olympics?

Oh, and I'd wager that like the President's squeaky-clean website fundraising, every donation will be scrubbed to ensure it's above-board and originating with a real U.S. citizen.

For you drones reading along: that last sentence is called sarcasm.

Hat tip: The Good Doctor.


美国人 said...

Or maybe there is an incredibly substantial expat American population here in China, especially in a city like Shanghai, and many Chinese who even have a credit card (which most don't because it's a primarily cash-transaction-based economy on the individual level) will likely remain in the Chinese UnionPay credit/debit system, which isn't being accepted by this pay form.

So nice sleuthing, asshole. Shouldn't you be claiming that Muppets are turning our children into leftists or some other stupid bullshit like that?

Anonymous said...

Seconded. You're ignoring the fact that America has a huge influence on the world economy. Second, the Republicans, primarily through their majority lead House, almost caused the collapse of our economy (budget, debt ceiling, inability of the Super committee), and as a result almost created an even BIGGER meltdown of the world economy.

If you're an American businessman abroad with the right to vote, you have the right to donate to campaigns. Bring proof that one attendee doesn't have their American passport and THEN you can report a scandal.

Also, did you see that Mitt Romney is holding a fundraiser in SOCIALIST UK? (Can you believe that their doctors are HIRED by the government? Told what they're paid, what they can charge, what procedures are too costly, regardless of their efficacy?)
Yet, in a shroud of secrecy, no one from the outside knows who's on the invite list. I'm sure they're 100% American, just like the jobs he creates, the companies he owns, and the banks with whom he invests his money.

Anonymous said...

Commies commies everywhere....
with the same dumbass comments they always have...lies and hyperbole...

directorblue said...

Hey, nimrods:

1. When did the last presidential fundraiser occur in a communist slave state? Answer: never.

2. Hey, there's an expat community in Iran, too. Why not hold a fundraiser there, schmucks?

3. Until Obama took office, the UK was actually an ally.

4. Of course Romney's fundraisers are keeping low to the ground: this president is actively targeting contributors to the Romney campaign, something far worse than the Nixon administration.

Read and learn, drones:

gracie said...

Take it up with the Supreme Court. Until the US has TOTALLY PUBLIC-FUNDED CAMPAIGNS, this is what we get.

Yard signs and robocalls by third tier celebrities must be more effective than generally realized.

Soquel by the Creek said...

Hey 美国人 (American), I was an expat too, for four years in Tokyo and Hong Kong. I never remember a single campaign event by any American candidate from either party.

Hey, if its all legal, I don't mind. But as Reagan once said, "Trust but verify." The potential for abuse seems awfully high.

Anonymous said...


OK "asshole". How many American campaign fundraisers occur in China? There are American expats everywhere on the planet. Shouldn't you be somewhere else blaming Bush for the weather?

美国人 said...

First of all, I never pointed any fingers at the GOP, or Bush, or any of that because, surprise, it has nothing to do with anything. I only called out the nonsense sensationalism present in articles like this. Second, if you think that there is a thriving and visible American expatriate community in Iran, you're either just running your mouth like a moron or I'm clearly unaware of Iran's recent booming popularity with American immigrants.

Those are all arguments that have nothing to do with the topic at hand, at all. The point is, before you lost your damn minds screaming about communism like you know anything about what it means and how it applies to China in the modern day, that if there is an area with as high a concentration of American citizen expatriates eligible to vote in ANY country, there is no valid reason NOT to throw them a fundraising shindig. Just because we don't feel like living in the US right now, does that preclude us from being able to participate in its political workings?

You're right about this being unprecedented, but why is it nefarious? You wouldn't have batted an eye if it was in Japan or almost anywhere else, but for the mere fact that someone from the Obama campaign rented a banquet room in a country that calls itself the People's Republic you threw a fit. That's like saying eating at Panda Express makes you a panda.

Anonymous said...

美国人, THAT is a lot more reasonable response than your initial comment. It is NOT illegal to hold a fundraiser anywhere on the planet. It is guilt by association to imply there is a "secret" plan to launder PRC money into the Obama campaign. The reason it is suspect however, is because Bill Clinton famously got caught receiving money from the Chinese military (which is a business outside China) and had to return some of it. A couple of his bundlers went to jail and there ended up being a technology trade for....something...after the election. With this Democratic administration, SEVERAL of the top cabinet and regulatory officials have expressed admiration for China's political system and Obama himself, raised as a Communist and arguably one now, has also voiced his frustration that our system is not as easy to control as in China. Finally, the President's 2008 campaign went to great lengths to make it possible to accept illegal foreign donations. To my knowledge no one was ever prosecuted and in the few proven instances the money was returned but the ultimate issue is that they made it impossible, purposely, to track donations made from anywhere in the world. They have done the same thing this go round. Now, would you trust a political fund raising machine from Chicago with a President raised as a communist that has set up an untraceable funding method that sets up shop in Communist China? You do? Well OK then, good luck to you.

美国人 said...

@Most recent Anonymous, unless you're going to take off your Scooby Doo mask and reveal that you're a top cabinet official that has a dissenting opinion from the Left, I'm gonna have to see some sources for a lot of what you just wrote. It would also help your cause if they weren't violently conservative blogs like this (to quell the impending criticism, violently liberal isn't trustworthy either; how about something in the middle?). Let's try and keep bias and hearsay out of this.

The_Bad said...

"violently conservative"

Really? Perhaps your English has fallen off since you left the US. Perhaps you would like to point us to ONE example of violence on this site?

Go on, drone. Prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Doug. You're under the skin of the lefty trolls as is evident by the wailing and gnashing of teeth! They know this smells even worse than BO himself. Again - Good Job!

美国人 said...

An accepted definition is "intense in force, effect, etc.; severe; extreme"

So, I'd say it's definitely better than your English.

directorblue said...

Dude. There's a magnificent tool called Google. You might have heard of it.

A simple search like Clinton China illegal donations yields Congressional Records like the following:

Clinton China Missile Secrets Timeline.

Everything that anon said was accurate, including the fact that Obama was mentored by Communists (Frank Marshall Davis being the one mentioned in Obama's own book).

Anonymous said...

He's probably just priming the pump for his Presidential library. Democrat presidents seem to prefer communist funding for their legacies. Afterall, according to this administration Mao was one of mankind's greatest philosophers.

But then it might be payback time for all the forced abortions we've paid for. They do owe Obama something for that.

The_Bad said...

Setting aside the notion that 美国人 is better versed in English than I (a laughable notion if you knew the first thing about me); I wonder if you could then enlighten us with some examples of your walked-back notion. Would you be so kind as to indicate where on this site your definition of violence exists?