Thursday, July 12, 2012

Defend Allen West against George Soros


CREDO SuperPAC, a radical group bankrolled by progressive billionaire George Soros, has just launched a massive campaign targeting Rep. Allen West and raising unlimited sums of money to take him out this election. Reports indicate Soros has personally pledged $5 million to beat Rep. West.

George F-ing Soros? Are you f-ing kidding me?

I just sent in $50 to the West campaign. If you have a few spare bucks, please consider helping true Constitutional conservatives like Allen West and Ted Cruz.

We need these men in Congress.

We need patriots to defend our Constitution and our country. The time, my friends, grows short to save this magnificent land from bankruptcy and ruin.

So do what you can.


Anonymous said...

Dem's file on West 'accidentally' intercepted (among others) by Media Trackers. (Breitbart posts full details on all DCCC's secret research files.)

QueMan said...

Sorry...he went to washington as an American...came out as a RINO!!!

I will not support him like I don't support the paul's...