Monday, July 23, 2012

Change: Brooklyn couple snags $108K in welfare payments to accompany their three BMWs and a Lexus

Consider this yet another example of the welfare state run amok. There's no accountability on the part of big government. There's no real concern. Because it's not their money. Its yours.

Brooklyn Couple Pockets $108K In Welfare Coin. They Also Own Three BMWs And A Lexus

Rivka Baror, 51, and her husband Avraham Baror, 64, have been living pretty high on the hog -- aside from owning not one but three BMWs, the couple also owns a Lexus, a comfortable two-bedroom home in Brooklyn, and drops a lot of cash at places like Victoria's Secret and Home Depot. Oh, yeah -- they also collect a welfare check and have bilked taxpayers out of more than $100,000 in government assistance money over the last six years.

Between January 2006, and June 30 of this year, the Voice has learned that the Barors have collected a total of $108,715.57 in Medicaid and food stamp benefits.

In 2006, the Barors filed welfare applications under their given names. They claimed they had minimal income and no assets, which qualified them for a reasonable amount of government assistance. Simultaneously, the couple used the names "Avraham Bachbuth" and "Rivka Yedidia" to obtain bank accounts and buy property, cars, and pricey vacations... In fact, the home the couple claimed they rented at 1349 East 2nd Street in Brooklyn for a scant $1,100 a month is owned by "Avraham Bachbuth."

The couple also allegedly used the aliases to open several bank accounts, into which there were monthly cash deposits of $4,400. Additionally, the couple kept safe deposit boxes at two different banks, one of which contained more than $72,000 in cash... Additionally, according to DMV records obtained during an investigation by the Human Resources Administration, the Barors own three BMWs -- model years 2006, 2007, and 2008 -- and a 2007 Lexus.

Of course, this is precisely what you'd expect from a giant, unaccountable leviathan staffed with faceless, nameless, unelected bureaucrats who can't be fired.

The USDA has admitted it has no idea what people are actually buying with food stamps.

According to Medicare itself, 10 percent of its outlays -- roughly $48 billion -- are fraudulent. And that's only the chunk they admit.

And these are the geniuses who are going to take over the rest of the health care system if this monstrosity isn't repealed.

Does the term "death spiral" ring a bell?


Ed Darrell said...

90% of Medicare payments are not fraudulent, and benefit people who cannot otherwise pay for health care.

You propose to end that?

10% waste in a government program? That's less than half the amount of waster private industry would have.

directorblue said...

Hey, Ed: Medicare's gonna end itself in five years or less. It's gonna collapse. It's what we call in the real world "unsustainable".

Getting government out of the way (e.g., Medicare Advantage) and privatizing as much as possible through competition is the only way any of this mess will survive.

Don't believe me: believe the Medicare Actuaries who continue to warn that the entire system is going to collapse.

MTSNJ said...

however Ed, we are borrowing 43% of the long would it take for you to be on the streets if you conducted your life that way...right you'd already be on the streets homeless..and the argument that government works differently, sorry it does not it can just last longer in a deficit.. whose gives a .... what the private sector would spend or waste it has no direct impact on the taxpayer. The government directly wastes taxpayer money every time it elects to create a program.