Sunday, July 15, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Big Lie

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The Big Lie: Flopping Aces
Hey, Look Who’s Holding a Fundraiser in CHINA…: Nice Deb
Will Reid also demand the Dems burn Ralph Lauren's donations?: Malkin

Oops: More than 30% of Obama’s gross income came from overseas: FAM
'You didn't build that business on your own!': RWN
Obama channels Elizabeth Warren: Hot Air


Obama's Five Year Plan: CDN
Can You Spot An AFL-CIO Lie?: LUR
Team Obama calls Romney a tax cheat, ignores TurboTax Geithner: Twitchy

AEI's Carbon Tax Flirtations: Ace
The Essential Lesson of the Auto Bailout: Conover
Who's the big outsourcer in this race?: Toldjah

Scandal Central

Nancy's Napa Valley Wine Train paid for with stimulus dollars: Twitchy
FTC: Healthcare ruling is prompting scams: Hill
On the vote fraud front: Conservatory

Climate & Energy

EPA Thumbs Nose At Private Citizen, Hides Behind Bureaucracy: POH Diaries
Chickens and cows now required to have government issued I.D. Voters, not so much.: Slack
EPA, why fine oil firms over fantasy biofuel?: Murdock

“Climate Science” in Shambles: Real Scientists Battle UN Agenda: NewAm
Oh great, yet another new EPA regulation making things more expensive for everyone: Hot Air
EPA Special Agents Visit NC Man Over Email: AWD


NAACP Furthers Mission of KKK: Marcus
Murdering people in the name of “tolerance”: Hoosier Access
Oops! Obama tells supporters to get medical help from ‘paralegals’: Twitchy

CNN Accuses Obama of 'Swiftboating' Romney: NB
New Book Claims Obama Mentored By Perverted, Drug Using Communist Frank Marshall Davis: Riehl
Valerie Jarrett's Father-in-Law a Communist: Worked With Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis: Loudon (2011)

Brad Pitt’s mom gets a history lesson: JPA
The United States of Guilt: Sultan Knish
If a conservative speaks in the forest...: Tatler

Mitt Romney: Attacks Are "Beneath [Obama's] Dignity": Ace
Mainstream Media Remains Mum About Their Messiah: AWD
Viewpoints: Brown's tax hike would impede job growth: SacBee


Why Illegal Immigrants Killing People Is Especially Galling: An Observation: Patterico
Is Assad Threatening Israel?: ynet
Hanifa Safi killed by car bomb in Afghanistan: GlobalPost

Where did Syria's chemical weapons come from?f: Breitbart
Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 20 Including Prominent Politician at Wedding Party: GWP
Netanyahu lashes out at Iran 'terrorism' in Cyprus: AFP

Whose plane was it and who shot it down?: Matzav
Why Did Obama Hold A Fundraiser In Communist Red China?: IronicSurrealism
Syria Denies Heavy Weapons Used in Latest Violence: ABC


Former Pentagon analyst: China has backdoors to 80% of telecoms: ZDNet
New Analyst Report Rips Agile: ADT Mag
US urged to recruit master hackers to wage cyber war on America's foes: Guardian


Every Designer Tells a Story: Every Story has a Designer: MOTUS
“King Obama” by Lenin and the Castros – (Chris Cassone, Jim Riley, Victoria Jackson): iOTW
Cripes - it's real!: Blazing Cat Fur

Image: American Digest
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "If I were Mr. Reid, Ms. Pelosi and the entire complement of Progressives and anti-war Democrats who cheered in politically opportunistic victory when no “stockpiles” of WMD were found in Iraq, the exact group who routinely ignored those who sounded the alarm about the transfer of WMD from Iraq to Syria, I would be very concerned about what may very well be the ultimate vindication of George W. Bush.

I would also be worried about the implications this realization could have on the elections coming in November where Democrats are concerned. I mean, really, it’s one thing to be wrong about the economy, healthcare, immigration, taxes, etc., repeatedly and ad nauseum, but when your radical and rigid Progressive agenda and political opportunism leaves hundreds or thousands of bodies in its wake."--Frank Salvato

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