Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Only Law-Abiding Armed Citizens Can Prevent More Aurora Massacres

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Only Law-Abiding Armed Citizens Can Prevent More Auroras: Bruce
Safe and legal: Young woman bleeds out at PP clinic: Pundette
Dianne Feinstein: God forbid someone in the theater had a gun: Malkin

An America Without the Republican Party: CDN
Elizabeth Warren damages two campaigns with one rant: LI
18 CONFIRMED fools in the Dem House Caucus: Moe Lane

The Left’s Habitual and Ironic Rush to Judgment: DLim
The Right To Shoot Back: Another "Gun-Free-Zone" Fail: IBD
The Hill Declares DOOM for Blame Bush: Moe Lane


Obama: Put More People on Welfare!: FoxBiz
If You Don’t Buy Insurance, Will You Really Pay the Tax?: AEI
How does one guy work 7 gov. jobs? He calls out sick. A lot.: WyBlog

It's another Obama record: 8.7MM Workers on Disability in July: CNS
US Sells Dead People Names, SS Numbers For $10: S&L
Poll: Majority of voters blame Obama for the bad economy: Scoop

Simpson-Bowles Plan: a $5 Trillion Tax Hike in First Decade: ATR
I Blame the Frisbee Ion: Driscoll
I think I’ve discovered our problem: Troglo

Scandal Central

Westly and Rogers, who handled stimulus grants for Solyndra, at Obama’s $35,800 per plate fundraiser in Cali: FAM
The IRS Illegally Expands Obamacare Tax Credits: AmSpec
Harry Reid Ready to Alter Filibuster Rules: Roll Call

Climate & Energy

Paul Krugman expands his field of hackery into climate alarmism: Q&O
Obama to Bush in 2003: $300 billion deficit equals 'recklessness': Breitbart
Michael Mann Hires EvilBigOil/Tobacco© Lawyer: Soylent (NSFW)


Dark Knight Rises: A Bat Man Red Dawn: Blogmocracy
Why ABC Tried to Blame the Tea Party for Aurora: Prager
Media Gun Reports: a Primer: Urban Grounds

Heartache: Pelosi Takes Down Stingy House Members’ Portraits From Lobby of Dem Party’s HQ: Nice Deb
Wall Street Journal: Obama Was Wrong About Who Invented the Internet, Too: Blumer
Rapper Ice-T Defends Gun Rights After Colorado Shooting: ‘The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny’: Mediaite

News versus Propaganda: Sowell
Stop Spreading Lies About Colorado Shooter’s Occupy Wall Street Ties: Sooper
Jon Stewart Slams Brian Ross: 'What Story Does a Guy Have to Blow to Get in Trouble at ABC?': NB


Anti-Communist Hero Lech Walesa To Meet Mitt Romney in Poland (He Blew Off Obama Last Year): GWP
Moderate Jews Increasingly Conflicted Over Obama and Israel: Shark
Obama To Sign Anti-Gun U.N. Treaty?: IBD

Syria threatens to use WMD which are figment of neocons’ imagination: LI
Rubio Sides Against Bachmann, Rooney Regarding Huma Abedin’s Possible Ties to Terrorism: Shark Tank
Obama to VFW: “Four Years Ago, Our Standing in The World Had Suffered”; Today...: Nice Deb

Mitt Romney: Fondness for UN IAEA? Remember Mohammed ElBaradei?: MagNote
Obama throws Israel a bone - says he'll visit if reelected: Matzav
I’m With Rand Paul: Cut That 700 Billion Out Of Defense: Hawkins


Interstellar space travel may be possible using lasers and antimatter: Fox
Report: Google’s Nexus 7 Is Already Posting ‘Impressive Usage Figures': Crunch
Are Indian high schoolers manning your help desk?: Cringely


Father's Heartbreaking Video To Raise Money For Sick Son: Adrienne
It Takes Won to know One: we take our Wonsies on the Road: MOTUS
Holmes had $26,000 grant for studies: USA Today

Image: Maggie's Notebook
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Fool Me Twice, the stunning best-seller that reveals Obama's plans for the next four years

QOTD: "If you hold an elected office, you didn't build that. Someone helped you get there. Maybe it was a teachers union whose compulsory dues paid for a negative ad for your campaign. Maybe it was a venture capitalist with an interest in a solar-energy company who bundled funds for you. Or maybe it was programmers who figured out how to use the Internet to create critical mass for raising small amounts from many donors. Or, quite possibly, you got help from employees of a private-equity firm whose success you vilify but whose dollars you gladly accept." --Mike Walsh

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