Friday, April 20, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Comey friend: forthcoming report could be damning for Loretta Lynch

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Comey friend: forthcoming report could be damning for Loretta Lynch: Daniel Chaitin
Whoa: DOJ Sends Criminal Referral For Andrew McCabe To U.S. Attorney: Hot Air
Meet the US attorney who could prosecute Andrew McCabe: Gabby Morrongiello

Andrew McCabe: James Comey is lying: Kelly Cohen
James Comey's memos leaked. Read them here: Exam
James Comey: “I don’t know how many memos there are”: CTH

Rosenstein To Trump: You’re Not A Target Of Any Part Of Mueller Probe: Hot Air
Rudy Giuliani joins Trump's legal team: Naomi Lim
Negotiation Phase – Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team: CTH

Marist On Impeachment Fever: Dems Might Need An Inoculation: Ed Morrissey
DHS reveals MS-13, other gang members released by 'sanctuary' policies: Adam Shaw
MS-13 directs members to 'take out a cop' in NY: Fox

Texas A&M Shuts Down 2 Chinese Learning Institutes Deemed National Security Threats: Helle Dale
Levin: Gorsuch ‘Absolutely Wrong’ on SCOTUS Immigration Decision: Michael Morris
Illegal Aliens Caught near Border with 'Assault-Style Firearms,' Says Border Patrol: Breitbart


Dem Donor Network Wants Reparations On Agenda By 2022: Peter Hasson
Duncan Hunter: President Trump Must Block Sale of Delaware Port To Saddam’s Weapons Chief: Patrick Howley
Winning: Hotels Occupancy Rate Up Year-over-Year, Record Q1: Bill McBride

Scandal Central

Congress Pursues Clinton for Hiding Fusion GPS Payments: Julie Kelly
Comey Debunks Steele Dossier: Tom Trinko
Comey’s Memos Indicate Dossier Briefing Of Trump Was A Setup: Mollie Hemingway

Climate, Energy & Regulations

More spring snow in Chicago; forecasters say April's start among coldest in 130 years: Elyssa Cherney
Arctic ice like you’ve not seen it before: Anthony Watts
More hilarious facts about Tesla from a hedge fund manager who’s short the stock: Simon Black


Ted Cruz In Time Magazine: Three Cheers For Donald Trump: Hot Air
Holocaust Museum tour by Democrat lawmaker who said Jews control weather does not go well: Twitchy
Condoleezza Rice Defends Trump: He Stands For American Values, Best Interests: Lookout


Empowering Islam by Rewriting History: Raymond Ibrahim
Vlad Unveils the Death Star: J.R. Dunn
Israel Fully Capable of Striking Iran, Top IAF Pilot Says: Deborah Danan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Design Conceptual Asteroid Deflector and Evaluate It Against Massive Potential Threat: Lawrence Livermore
Messages from China show digital currency is taking off: Richard Cook
Run-ins with Carfentanil: The opioid 5,000 times more potent than heroin: Cristina Corbin


#ThrowbackThursday: Life Was Better When We Drank Either Coke or Pepsi: MOTUS
On the Eighteenth* of April in Seventy-Five…: Sondrakistan
Donald Trump: The First Jewish President?: David Cole

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QOTD: "...Without direct leverage against President Trump, Team Mueller moved to position leverage against those Trump cares about… that’s a secondary approach; but the secondary leverage approach is fraught with public noting Mueller is on a “witch hunt”… the investigation into outlying Trump allies becomes transparent in motive. Support for Mueller erodes amid independent-minded people.

Enter Rudy Giuliani, a political and legal Subject Matter Expert – with direct knowledge of evidence held by NYPD and NY FBI field office of gross criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton. (Weiner Laptop etc) Buried by SDNY Clinton Allies.

With Special Counsel Mueller having exhausted most of his investigative leverage, Giuliani enters to negotiate Mueller’s exit and discuss his team’s path of retreat and image face-saving." --Sundance

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RE: Trump as the first Jewish President...

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