Friday, November 24, 2023

Comic Dave Smith's Top 10 Fun Facts About War In Israel!

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast needs no introduction. With a reported audience of 11 million listeners per episode, it is globally popular and influential. Rogan is known for conducting unique, penetrating and long-form discussions with consequential figures as well as comedians (rimshot).

One such comedian is Dave Smith. Also a libertarian political commentator, Smith has courted controversy by interviewing a series of "white nationalist" figures including Richard Spencer, Gavin McInnes and Nick Fuentes.

In a recent JRE episode, Smith was asked about the 10/7 attacks. Smith attempted to justify the baby-killings, rapes, murders, torture and kidnappings by Hamas.

Worst of all, Smith postured as a student of history. The region's conflict was put into a timeline that can be summarized in a Top 10 list.

Dave Smith, if that is his real name, proffers some rather major misinformation.

Dave Smith's Top 10 Israel & Palestine Misinformation Fun Facts!

1. The history of the Middle East conflict does not begin in 1947 - Li'l Davy cherry-picked that date

2. World War II? Not that big a deal. No mention

3. Holocaust? What Holocaust?

4. All Arab/Muslim countries had expelled their Jews? What?

5. Palestinians were military aligned -- including troops -- with Nazi Germany?

6. Palestinian leader al-Husseini visited personally with... Adolf Hitler? You don't say

7. Fails to mention that, in 1922, Winston Churchill gave 80% of "The Palestinian Mandate" to the Palestinian people

8. Doesn't share that Hamas leaders live in luxury in Qatar, having siphoned off billions of dollars from the donations to "the Palestinians"

9. Omits mention of Hamas acts of mass rape, mass torture and mass kidnappings of civilians, including babies

10. Doesn't discuss the insane funding of Iran by Obama and the radical Tlaiban, including helping Hamas and Hezbollah secure billions.

Dave, you say you're Jewish? Congratulations, you get to be a Kapo in the camps. Kapos get double rations.

Maybe to truly advance their cause, Comic Dave Smith and Roger Waters should volunteer for Hamas!

INFOGRAPHIC: What Really Happened In The Middle East

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