Friday, November 03, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: House Passes Bipartisan Israel Aid Bill Funded By IRS Cuts

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 • House Passes Bipartisan Israel Aid Bill Funded By IRS Cuts DC
 • An Open Letter to Obama and all of Hamas’ Democrat Defenders Tablet
 • What Happened to Samantha Woll, Rashida? Abe Greenwald
 • Venezuela has opened their prisons, and Obiden opened the border to lifelong criminals DC
 • Lawless, Rogue FBI Raids Home Of Top Eric Adams Fundraiser CTH
 • Wray’s D.C. Protection Arm (“FBI”) Raids Home Of Top Eric Adams Fundraiser DC
 • When It Gets Bad Enough TL Davis
 • How China-controlled DNC might try to nominate Ghetto Gavin Newsom in 2024 Techno Fog
 • JD Vance Holding Up Biden DOJ Nominees Over Politicized Trump Indictments Harold Hutchison


 • Why Do Young Americans Support Hamas? Look at TikTok. Rep. Mike Gallagher
 • Democrat Sanctuary Cities Demand Federal Bailout For Obama’s Open Borders Invasion CTH
 • California’s EV Conundrums Heartland

Scandal Central

 • FBI And DHS Directors Lie Directly To Congress About Censorship Without Consequence Public
 • Top prosecutor flips off Garland, says Weiss needed DOJ approval to bring Hunter Biden tax charges JTN
 • ‘He Sees All White People as Racist’: Military Assessment Criticizes Air Force Colonel’s Leadership Rob Bluey
 • Army Plans Major Cuts to Special Forces – Over Objections LI
 • The Army Suddenly, and Chaotically, Told Hundreds of Soldiers They Have to Be Recruiters Immediately Military
 • National Archives Is Withholding More Than 99% Of Biden’s Alias Emails TP


 • One Sick War Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Untold Stories of Gazans Joseph Braude
 • Judges Have No Legal Authority to Bar Trump From 2024 Ballots Hans von Spakovsky


 • China is Literally Erasing Israel From the Map Jazz Shaw
 • Audio – Hamas terrorists describing playing with decapitated Israeli heads during October 7 massacre LI
 • Could Be Interesting – Tucker Carlson Visits Julian Assange? CTH


 • New York’s ‘Right to Shelter’—a Socialist Blank Check Aliens From Around the World Are Cashing Simon Hankinson
 • Insanity: Cigarette-style Warnings on Meat to Prevent Climate Change David Strom
 • The Food Insecurity Lie John Stossel


 • The Hamas Massacre
 • Democrats Unable to Acknowledge Why They are Struggling John Sexton
 • The Weeks Are Too Short - Funderwhoopee Friday Again ~ 1 Woodsterman

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