Monday, November 13, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Nine Big Lies Against Israel and What They Really Mean

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 • The Nine Big Lies Against Israel and What They Really Mean Gil Troy
 • Why didn’t MIT expel violent pro-Nazi students? John Hinderaker
 • Why Can’t They Just Leave The Jewish Hostage Posters Alone? William A. Jacobson
 • The Damage of the ‘White Privilege’ Smear Victor Davis Hanson
 • I Had Not Heard of This Murder, Either - Had You? Hot Air
 • The Left is eating its own for the sake of Jew hatred Jacqueline Toboroff
 • The Biden Doctrine — Treating the Slaughter of Jews as a P.R. Crisis Breitbart
 • Resign, Ronna! Kurt Schlichter
 • Tim Scott Drops From Prez Race Pulse


 • Grotesque Campus Antisemitism is Fueled by Woke Takeover of Higher Education Jonathan Pidluzny
 • House Speaker Mike Johnson proposes 2-step stopgap funding bill to avert government shutdown CBS
 • Green Energy Paid for VA's Pro-Abortion Ads TJI

Scandal Central

 • How Many Perverts Did The FBI Ignore While It Chased Trump Supporters? DC
 • FBI Whistleblower Calls House Republicans 'Soulless Demons' Voting for New FBI HQ Neil W. McCabe
 • Liberal Media Reporters Are Pushing an Appalling Open Letter About Israel Matt Vespa


 • Bari Weiss on the Stakes in Israel Power Line
 • It’s Time For Pro-Lifers To Scrap Their Losing Electoral Strategy And Adopt The Lincoln Method Federalist
 • The Worst of Peggy Noonan Scott Johnson


 • London Has Fallen David Strom
 • Ugly Hatred of Jews on Full Display at Concordia University in Canada LI
 • Golani Forces Eliminate Seven Terrorists in Ten Minutes JFeed
 • Hamas terror infrastructure found in Gaza university, mosque JNS
 • New evidence suggests Hamas wanted to go even further on October 7 Shira Rubin and Joby Warrick
 • Hamas planned ‘second phase’ for Oct. 7 massacre JNS


 • The Federal ‘Kill Switch’ Signals Our Surrender To Tech Overlords Nathan Stone
 • Physicists Simulated a Black Hole in The Lab. Then It Started to Glow. Science Alert
 • Saving Private Biden Scott Johnson


 • Site Notes and Updates CTH
 • Man Raised By Obama-Funded Hamas Tells Horrifying Story Of Their Brutal Indoctrination Tim Pearce
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

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