Monday, November 06, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Migrant Crime Wave Has Begun

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 • The Migrant Crime Wave Has Begun John Ruberry
 • ‘Hamasurrection’ – Anti-Israel Rioters Assault and Vandalize White House LI
 • One word explains the ugly hypocrisy of Hamas apologists: antisemitism Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Coup We Never Knew Victor Davis Hanson
 • Khalid Sheikh Obama: We Are All Complicit For Hamazi Savagery Karen Townsend
 • The Deadly Folly of Our Open Border Brian C. Joondeph
 • Early Voting Is Against The Law Deroy Murdock
 • Progressive Dem. Senator Bernie Sanders REJECTS calls for Israel-Hamas ceasefire Daily Mail
 • Here Are the 22 Republican Traitors Who Sided With Dems to Save Rashida Tliab Matt Vespa


 • Washington Update From the US Oil and Gas Association David Blackmon
 • It Appears That We Have A Major Problem With The Banks Michael Snyder
 • AI Boom Could Boost Demand For Precious Metals ZH

Scandal Central

 • With More Smoke And Mirrors About Hunter Biden Charging Decisions, DOJ Covers Up A Cover-Up Federalist
 • Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Was Invalid — Says Who? Joe Fried
 • Comer Explains How the Biden Family 'Disguised' Sources of Revenue Leah Barkoukis


 • His Name is Mr. FAFO, Crisis Actor David Strom
 • Radical Left-Wing “Fact-Checker” ADL caves to Libs of TikTok Libs of TikTok
 • Results of NYT-Siena Poll Have Professional Democrats Very Nervous CTH


 • The ‘Two-State Solution’ is Terrorism Daniel Greenfield
 • Melanie Phillips Video: What the Media isn’t Telling You About Israel’s War on Hamas FPM
 • Majority Support For Muslim Migration Ban As 3 In 4 Germans Say Newcomers Hate Western Society Remix


 • Lessons from a Turkish Coup AmCon
 • Adobe Caught Selling AI-Generated Images As Israel-Palestine Violence Yahoo!
 • Eat the Bugs Update: Denmark Pushing for Carbon Tax on Its Own Farmers Hot Air


 • Check Yourself – You Are in Control CTH
 • (Long Listen and Well Worth It): Joe Rogan and Tim Kennedy Interview JRE
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom


Average Joe Bro said...

Why are thousands of Muslims in Washington, New York, london, Paris and many other western cities marching in protest against Israel and calling for the extermination of all jews? First reason is because western politicians let them in......

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