Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Every State Is a Border State: Democrats’ Taxpayer-Funded Criminal Invasion

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 • Every State Is a Border State: Democrats’ Taxpayer-Funded Criminal Invasion Pedro L. Gonzalez
 • Biden 2.0: The US could double its undocumented immigrant population The Shill
 • Biden Administration Focuses on ‘Islamophobia’ While Jew-Hatred Runs Rampant GoV
 • Man behind the curtain steps out and he’s planning to control the 2024 election Flopping Aces
 • OBiden: Pro-Israel by Day, Pro-Hamas by Night John D. O’Connor
 • IRS Targets Conservative Group Exposing the Biden Admin Tyler O'Neil
 • Welcome to OBiden’s Kabuki Theater starring Hamas Darleen Click
 • Is Campus Rage Fueled by Middle Eastern Money? Bari Weiss
 • Nashville Mayor Wants Legal On Trans Shooter Manifesto Victory Girls


 • Elderly Jewish Man Dies After Being Injured at Pro-Hamas Rally in Los Angeles RS
 • Thanks, Rashida! Police arrest female for terrorizing what she thought was a Jewish school Fox59
 • Shocked by the Jew-Hate on College Campuses? I Wasn’t. Rachel Fish


 • What the 'Great Trucking Recession' Is Warning Us About the Economy Salena Zito
 • Another Hugo Chavez-style idea on electricity rates from California's one-party regime #GhettoGavin Monica Showalter
 • How a Working-Class Coalition Is Remaking the Republican Party Rob Bluey

Scandal Central

 • Judge Engoron Claims He is ‘Not Here to Listen to What’ Trump has to Say During Testimony LI
 • Donald Trump testifies in New York fraud trial Daily Mail
 • Donald Trump attorney Alina Habba tears into 'unhinged' Judge Arthur Engoron Daily Mail


 • Elon Musk’s free speech stance is ‘dangerous,’ Marxist Columbia journalism fellow says College Fix
 • France Takes Legal Action Against Woman Joking About Jewish Baby Cooked in an Oven RAIR
 • Dem Congresswoman: Minorities Fleeing Biden Because of 'Feelings', Lack of Civics Education Jorge Bonilla


 • Geert Wilders: “It is an Ideological Conflict, Not a Conflict Over Land” GoV
 • Foreign Investment in China Turns Negative for the First Time in Decades John Sexton
 • Live From Tel Aviv Power Line


 • Space becomes new theater of war: Israel shoots down a ballistic missile Daily Mail
 • Shell Game: Another Wind Farm Goes Down Beege
 • 'Holy Grail of Shipwrecks' to be Exhumed Jazz Shaw


 • Here's A List Of All The Pro-Palestine Protesters Charged With Attempting To Storm White House Bee
 • If Disney Had Testicular Fortitude… Feral Irishman
 • Libturd Tuesday Is Here! ~ A Woodsterman


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