Monday, November 20, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: America on the Edge of the Cliff

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 • America on the Edge of the Cliff Fletch Daniels
 • The West is abandoning Israel Melanie Phillips
 • Equity, Equality and Hamas: How we got to college students supporting Hamas. Daniel Greenfield
 • Time for Truth and Accountability J6 Committee Declassified
 • Senator Mike Lee Demands Investigation Into J6 Committee Rick Moran
 • A Flood of Retirements in Congress Threatens to Upend the 2024 Election Rick Moran
 • Israeli women and girls were raped during Hamas attack. Where’s the outcry? Elizabeth Gaufberg and Cami Tussie
 • The Plight of Jews on College Campuses Robert Weissberg
 • 'Welcome to Hell': Israeli Soldiers Troll Hamas From the Ruins of Gaza WFB


 • Can We Save our Universities? Stop giving money to elite institutions Victor Davis Hanson
 • With Trillions at Stake, the Cleaving is Becoming Tenuous CTH
 • The Electric Car Tax Credit is a Recipe for Fraud JTN

Scandal Central

 • Possible Doesn’t Mean Rational TL Davis
 • Masked MAGA-Hat-Wearing J6 “Insurrectionist” Caught Flashing a Badge and Mike Lee Has Questions Flopping Aces
 • Democratic dark money kingmaker pumps millions into 'nonpartisan' Supreme Court watchdogs Gabe Kaminsky


 • New photos from al-Shifa Hospital should renew outrage against Hamas Kathleen Parker
 • They’re rich, American, live in China, and fund Hamas propaganda Andrea Widburg
 • What Happened to Tucker Carlson? Carpe Diem
 • The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi Shows Why ‘Professional’ Journalism Can’t Be Salvaged Mollie Hemingway
 • Washington Post Reinvents Its Biden Family Corruption Standard To Cover For The ‘Big Guy’ Margot Cleveland
 • Anti-Israel staff should shut up or resign Examiner


 • “Shatter the System” – Javier Milei Wins Historic Election in Argentina CTH
 • Three Stooges Diplomacy: One day after Biden lifts sanctions, Venezuela takes another U.S. hostage Monica Showalter
 • Blinken cringes as Biden calls China’s Xi a Dictator LiveMint


 • Mysterious ‘Force Gun’ May Be China’s Most Frightening Space Weapon The Debrief
 • Follow the Science -- Except for Sex and Gender Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.
 • Global Warming Delayed, Who Could Have Guessed? David Strom


 • Exclusive: Bodycam video shows early moments of Hamas massacre in Israel and tunnels under Gaza Oren Liebermann
 • Donald Trump Serves Thanksgiving Dinner to Border Patrol M Dowling
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

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