Saturday, November 11, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The "Genocide" Canard Against Israel

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 • The "Genocide" Canard Against Israel Andrew Sullivan
 • Pro-Palestine demonstrators in Columbus Circle: “Cry Bitch Cry” Unknown
 • Jews Get Kicked Out of the Progressive Club NRO
 • Jim Biden, Serial Grifter Jazz Shaw
 • Twenty-Five Minutes of Clarity: Murray Rebukes Piers Morgan over Gaza War Ed Morrissey
 • The Tunnels Of Gaza NYT
 • The Will TL Davis
 • Columbia University suspends SJP, JVP chapters JNS
 • The Globalist Vision: “15 Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property Alt-Market


 • The Genocidal Logic of Academic Ideology Jacob Howland
 • Moody's Wrecks Yellen's Mood: Downgrades Treasury's Credit Outlook David Haggith
 • The Antisemitism of the University Double Standard Jay Greene

Scandal Central

 • Revelations from the testimony of Special Counsel David Weiss Techno Fog
 • GOP senator moves to force release of Jeffrey Epstein flight logs, identify perpetrators in ‘horrific conduct’ Fox News
 • Photographers Without Borders: AP & Reuters Pictures of Hamas Atrocities Raise Ethical Questions Honest Reporting


 • Ripples of War Everywhere Victor Davis Hanson
 • The NY Times Publishes a Hamas' Tunnels Primer and Readers Get It John Sexton
 • Republicans will ditch Trump when they decide to stop whining and start winning Jon Gabriel


 • Israel Prepares for Possible Fentanyl-filled Rockets from Hamas, Hezbollah Breitbart
 • Hamas Shooting Civilians to Prevent Evacuation David Strom
 • IDF has struck 15,000-plus terror targets in first month of war JNS


 • Trans Anomaly: Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Suggests an Inconvenient Aspect of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Tyler O'Neil
 • Iceland declares state of emergency over escalating earthquakes, and volcano eruption fears EuroNews
 • DNA Integration Risk: Moderna knows, FDA denies Robert W Malone


 • Frank Borman, an old-fashioned American of the highest order, passes away at 95 Robert Zimmerman
 • November Ponderings CTH
 • The Week in Pictures: Weimar America Edition Power Line

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Take Biden and his posse and string them all up. What happened to the country I loved?