Sunday, November 19, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Israel Sends Cowardly Hamas Leaders a Message

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 • Israel Sends Cowardly Hamas Leaders a Message Katie Pavlich
 • Flirtation With Evil Will Not End Well for Leftists Roger Kimball
 • MTG joins Sen. Mike Lee’s call for J6 probe, ‘MAGA did not do this’ Paul Bedard
 • So -- It Wasn’t the Sidewalk After All Clarice Feldman
 • Here Comes (Almost) All of the J6 Video. Democrats Won't Be Happy Jazz Shaw
 • Elon To File ‘Thermonuclear’ Suit Against Media Matters Over Fabricated Story Leif Le Mahieu
 • I Was There on October 7 Paul Packer
 • Westerners must understand the undiluted savagery of the Gazastinians Madeline Brooks
 • Kerry’s Promise of ‘Millions’ for Climate Damages Criticized by Activists Bloomberg


 • The ‘Suicidal Mania’ of American CEOs Francis P. Sempa
 • Biden’s failed foreign policy with China is based on a disastrous idea Fox
 • IRS takes aim at Americans' earnings from Venmo and PayPal, dispatches 30 million new tax forms JTN

Scandal Central

 • New J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot By Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd ZH
 • Pro-Obama Netflix Documentary Produced by Jack Smith’s Wife Nick R. Hamilton
 • Corrupt Bridgeport Mayoral Election to Be Run Again Jazz Shaw


 • Mike Lee Isn't Done With Liz Cheney Yet RS
 • One Man’s Sign Steals the Show After Anti-Israel Protest Breaks Out at Harvard-Yale Game Sister Toldjah
 • Bill Maher Throws in Towel on Biden Run, Explains Why 'Clean-Up' in San Fran Is Sign 'Trump Is Winning' RS


 • Reports Say Israeli Ship "Galaxy Leader" Hijacked By Houthi Terrorists ZH
 • A New Far-Left Dictatorship Is Coming to Europe Itxu Diaz
 • Is Israel ready for Hezbollah? Spectator


 • How Panicked Is the Army? RS
 • A Chart: What Happened to the Jewish Population of the Middle East Hot Air
 • Yemen’s drone doom loop: A model of instability for fragile states Michael Horton


 • I Investigated Princess Diana’s Death: Here’s The Real Story You Won’t See In ‘The Crown’ Thomas Baker
 • A Reminder About How Palestinians Operate...From Bill Clinton Katie Pavlich
 • Sunday Strip: Free Puppies Robert W Malone

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