Sunday, November 12, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: NYC Pro-Hamas Mob Desecrates American Flags on Veterans Day

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 • NYC Pro-Hamas Mob Desecrates American Flags on Veterans Day Starnes
 • NYC's Grand Central Station shut down by hundreds of pro-Hamazi protesters Daily Mail
 • MIT Didn't Suspend Protestors Violating Rules Because They Could Be Deported David Strom
 • The West Gelds Itself Clarice Feldman
 • Islam is Not a Religion Sloan Oliver
 • Party, Party Kunstler
 • It’s not about Israel: We are the target Jack Gleason
 • Karl Misinterprets Polls; Voters Do Want Trump Roger Kimball
 • Newsguard Case Highlights the Pentagon's Censorship End-Around Matt Taibbi

Our Broken, Partisan DOJ and FBI

 • FBI Singled Out Military Veterans, Accused Them Of Disloyalty to the United States TBP
 • Even Now FBI, DOJ Refuse To Call Covenant School Shooting An Anti-White Hate Crime Federalist
 • Where are the patriots inside the FBI? Jack Hellner


 • The American Beef Industry Is Disappearing M Dowling
 • The Great San Fran Cleanup Begins Jazz Shaw
 • Where’s the Beef, Seriously? Beege

Scandal Central

 • Republicans warn DOJ over surveillance of staff probing Russiagate: ‘Attack on our democracy’ Josh Christenson
 • Documents Shed New Light on Feds' Collusion with Private Actors to Police Speech on Social Media Ben Weingarten
 • Federal Judge Awards Jeffrey Epstein Victims with $290 Million Settlement TPB


 • Why I am now a Christian Ayaan Hirsi Ali
 • The Real Debate Highlights Unsafe
 • College Sorority Retaliates Against Alumnae Who Spoke up to Protect Women Karen Townsend


 • From Kiev to Gaza: NATO weapons found on Gaza battlefield? Martin Jay
 • IDF's Golani Brigade overpowers one of Hamas' strongest battalion: Eliminate 300 terrorists ynet
 • Free Speech Is Already Dead in Great Britain David Strom
 • Battle for al-Shifa Underway as Biden Administration Starts Blinkin' Ed Morrissey
 • Centuries of Wahhabi Jihad Seth Grossman
 • French march in Paris against soaring antisemitism amid Israel-Hamas war EuroNews


 • $12m taxpayer-funded NIH lab in Colorado will import bats from Asia and infect them with deadly diseases Daily Mail
 • Iceland declares state of emergency over escalating earthquakes and volcano eruption fears EuroNews
 • Exposing Obama’s Muslim Advisor: Who is Imam Mohamed Magid? Frank De Varona


 • Thank You Veterans CTH
 • Veterans Day: Still Living Celebrities Who Served In World War II BattleSwarm
 • Friday Funnies: How Climate Change Ruined Venus Robert W Malone

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MMinWA said...

Great piece about WWll vets who are still above grass. TY.