Friday, November 10, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Six (6) Rashida Tlaib Fundraisers Linked to Terrorists

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 • Six (6) Rashida Tlaib Fundraisers Linked to Terrorists Eric Lendrum
 • Dershowitz calls out Obama Mark Levin
 • Senate Hearing Shows—Again—Why Mayorkas Should Be Impeached Simon Hankinson
 • Douglas Murray In Israel Power Line
 • Most New York Thing Ever David Strom
 • Vivek and Ronna Trading Blows Over Effectiveness of RNC CTH


 • Bidenomics: More Households Falling Behind on Credit Card Debt Jazz Shaw
 • Demand for 30-Year Treasurys Proves Weak, Sending Yields Surging Eric Wallerstein
 • 70 House Republicans join Dems to fund massive new FBI HQ that will be bigger than the Pentagon Hohmann

Scandal Central

 • The real problem is Elon letting people see what Hamas videotaped themselves doing Beege
 • Senate Republicans Launch Investigation Into Justice Department for Spying on Congressional Staffers Jeff Charles
 • Reuters, AP, CNN distance themselves from Gaza photogs' terror ties Jewish Insider


 • NYT Puts Out Astonishing Statement on 'Photojournalist' Who Was With Hamas During Terror Attack RS
 • Israel Announces Take No Prisoners Approach to 'Journalists' Who Participated in Hamas Attack RS
 • USA Today Reveals True Colors With Front-Page Hit Piece on Libs of TikTok Tim Graham


 • Joe Biden's FAFO After Iran Proxy Tests His Deterrence Of "Don't" Duane Patterson
 • Journalist Participated in Hamas massacre, Ecstatically Displayed Soldier’s ID Card, Helmet and Magazine Geller
 • Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony: Kids Stage Mock Military Attack and Hostage-Taking MEMRI


 • Here’s why a $2M coal mine in Wyoming could be worth $37B Shannon Thaler
 • UN, Gates Foundation ’50-in-5′ campaign aims to rollout digital public infrastructure in 50 countries by 2028 Sociable
 • The EV Era Needs a Lot of Really Big Trees WSJ


 • Hilarious: Glenn Beck Explains How Forrest Gump Ripped Off the Fabulous Life of Joe Biden RS
 • Marlon Brando’s Customized Rolex Just Sold for $5 Million GQ
 • Libturd Thursday is Here Once Again ~ B Woodsterman


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