Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Obama’s Puppet Mulls Approval of Fresh $10 Billion for Iranian Jew-Killing Operations

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 • Obiden Mulls Approval of Fresh $10 Billion for Iranian Jew-Killing Efforts Adam Kredo
 • Arizona teens said to be human-smugglers for a cartel in worrying new trend Post
 • Pentagon aide revealed as Iranian ‘covert’ agent, Obama hardest hit Josh Christenson
 • There Is No ‘Second America’ If This One Fails Lucy Gilbert
 • What Antisemitism Does to the Human Brain Seth Mandel
 • Ghetto Gavin Newsom: The Transnational Elites Deserve Better Than Citizens David Strom
 • House Kills Resolution to Impeach DHS Sec. Mayorkas, With Help From Republicans Rebecca Downs
 • America in October of 2024 Steve McCann
 • Biden Has to Be Helped by Jill During Press Briefing, Makes Bad Israel Comments Anyway Nick Arama


 • Biden Has "Hurt The Economy A Lot" According To 33% Of Americans, While Only 14% Say They're Better Off ZH
 • MIT getting heat for protecting Jew-killing zealots over 'visa issues’ Thomas Catenacci
 • Switching to Electric Heat Too Expensive in New York. Ya Think? Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

 • How Deep-State Bureaucrats Used a Middleman to Try to Censor Americans in 2020 Katrina Trinko
 • A COVID-19 vaccine reckoning is coming for the DOJ over federal mandates Miranda Devine
 • We Still Have an Iranian Mole Inside the Pentagon Jazz Shaw


 • WaPo: Scoop! Hamas Wanted Major War! David Strom
 • There Might Be More to That Eric Adams Corruption Story Jazz Shaw
 • Democrats' Big Bucks County School Board Sweep Should Unnerve Republicans Everywhere Salena Zito


 • The True Face of the United Nations Kweku Boafo
 • There’s Genocide And Then There’s ‘Palestinian Genocide’ Milli Sands
 • ‘Zero Appetite’ in Israel for Cease-Fire With Hamas, Embassy Official Says Virginia Allen


 • Mexican Cartels Issue a Letter of Gratitude to Their "Man of the Year." Diogenes
 • The NRA Is Going Broke And Moving To Texas BattleSwarm
 • Libturds Will Find A Way Here On Tuesday ~ A Woodsterman

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